Home Neck Traction with Towel? Is it Safe and Is There a Better Way to Get Relief

One of the home neck traction method that I have seen is using a towel. You grab a small towel and a piece of rope. First, tie one end of the rope to one end of the towel. Then loop the rope over the doorknob, and bring it back to the other end of the towel and tie it.

Next, you suppose to lie down on your back with the top of your head close to the door. Rest the back of your head in the sling formed by the towel. Doesn’t this sound very uncomfortable and dangerous to you?


I have also seen the over-the-door-traction device. This is a cervical traction device that you hang over the door with a water bag. So hang the traction device over the door and the weight of water bag will give you traction. What happen if someone opens the door?

cervical traction device


There is a safer way to do neck traction

I’ve found this  inflatable neck traction device more safe and easy to use. It relieves the pressure on the pinched nerve and decompresses the cervical disc.

Why bother using a towel?

Major Benefits of ChiSoft Neck Traction Device

Recently, I’ve found this ChiSoft neck traction device. I have been trying it for several weeks and I feel the relief immediately.

1. Relief Sore and Stiff Neck

The Air Neck Traction relieves sore and stiff neck by pulling up the cervical spin. You just place the neck traction device around your neck and use the inflation pump to slowly increase the pressure to a comfortable stretch. By using this traction device pressure in the joints and nerves can be reduced

2. Decompress the cervical disc
Neck Traction Device can be used to relieve neck pain, tension headaches, pinched nerves, osteoarthritis, and degenerative conditions. Before you try a neck traction device for these symptoms, I strongly suggest you to visit a chiropractor first.

3. Prevent Bad Posture
Another benefit of the ChiSoft Neck Traction is help you to straighten up your neck. Once the traction device is inflated it will lift up your head.  So, while sitting with the Chi Soft Neck Traction it will help you to become more aware of your posture.

Click here to read more about ChiSoft Neck Traction Device

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One thought on “Home Neck Traction with Towel? Is it Safe and Is There a Better Way to Get Relief

  1. I have tried both the towel and Neck traction devices and found the Neck traction device to be far superior and practical! It is especially good for decompressing the neck before you go to sleep, giving the disc a chance to repair.

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