TDP Lamp Health Benefits – Why is this Better than Regular Infrared Heating Lamp

TDP Heating Top Benefits of 2017 Review

If you’ve never heard of a TDP lamp before, you’re certainly not alone. However, after reading about its amazing benefits you will want to order one right away!

TDP is an abbreviation for the Chinese term Teding Diancibo Pu which translates to “special electromagnetic spectrum” lamp. The TDP lamp is an effective, natural and unique alternative to the likes of Tylenol and other common pain relievers.


Everyone from you to your grandmother can benefit from having one in your house. Say goodbye to your chronic shoulder pain, or knee pain forever after ordering your TDP lamp today!

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What Sets this Third generation TDP Lamp Apart!

TDP lamp has been in the market since 2004, from the first generation model until now with an upgraded third Generation model. Third generation model like the TDP CQ222A sold by Vita Activate are more durable with improved electronics inside the control panel.

1. It Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation and Soft Tissue Injuries

It’s astonishing to think that such a small and natural product has the power to do perform these amazing tasks. The TDP lamp achieves these results by increasing blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief by emitting 33 essential minerals into your body.

The energy absorbed by these minerals promotes micro circulation along with your metabolism resulting in the strengthening of the immune system. While these benefits are great for everyone, they are especially advantageous for those with ailments such as sore muscles, back aches, arthritis, bursitis, tennis elbow, and joint pains.

2. It Relaxes the Muscles and Improves Range Of Motion

Because the TDP lamp causes the muscles to relax it improves and increases their range of motion meaning you can move your body freely without feeling the pain that normally holds you back. The TDP lamp can even help to reduce insomnia. In fact, many studies have shown that TDP lamps provide several of the same health benefits that massage therapy would. With the presence of a TDP Lamp you can receive these benefits in the comfort of your own home!

  1. No More Worrying About Winter Joint Pain

Everyone who suffers from joint and muscle pain knows that winter is the worst time of year because it exacerbates the pain. The TDP Lamp helps to lessen these symptoms through its thermo-magnetic heat which induces a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Say goodbye to the days of dreading winter for good!

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How Do the 33 Essential Minerals of the TDP Mineral Lamp Benefit Your Body?

After reading about the amazing benefits of the TDP Mineral Lamp, you may be wondering how the minerals actually work to produce such amazing effects in the body. As with any natural treatment, the answer is simple. When the mineral lamp is heated to a certain temperature it releases far infrared energy known as FIR resulting in numerous therapeutic benefits.

Unlike creams which are applied externally to the body, the FIR energy emitted from the lamp penetrates the body by up to 3 ½ inches which stimulates micro circulation. Micro circulation results in a higher level of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to injured cells and causes the elimination of toxins and cellular waste.


The actual minerals are located on a plate inside the lamp. When the lamp is heated the minerals are naturally emitted in a form that mirrors the energy emitted by our own bodies. This is why our muscle tissues are able to absorb the minerals so easily.

Like lamps used in almost all clinical trials and studies our lamps use authentic GUO GONG PLATES which contain 33 minerals. While many other companies claim that they produce superior lamps containing 43 minerals, these claims should not be believed as they are not based on scientific evidence.

The TDP Lamp has a proven track record of relaxing muscles, reducing stiffness, inflammation and more!

Simple, Effective, and Easy to Use

Unlike other complicated devices, the TDP Lamp is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is aim the lamp’s mineral plate at the area you wish to treat. There is absolutely no discomfort associated with using the lamp. On the contrary, you will feel the gentle and soothing warmth of the deep penetrating far-infrared energy of the lamp.

In order to ensure safe and effective use, direct the heating lamp to the affected area at a distance of 12-16 inches for anywhere from 5-40 minutes. Treatments should ideally be done once a day over the course of 6 – 20 days.

Target Superficial Discomfort:

If you’re in need of a treatment for a superficial discomfort, i.e. pain that is not deeply rooted in the joints then it is better to direct the lamp at least 12 – 16 inches away from the area for thirty minutes once a day over the course of 7 days.

A Relaxing and Pain Free Treatment:

One of the biggest benefits the TDP Lamp offers is that it can be used to treat both topical and internal problem areas by relieving muscle spasms, sprains, strains, and muscular back pain.

More than 200 institutes, hospitals, and universities around the world in countries including China, Korea, and Norway have conducted extensive studies using TDP Mineral Lamp therapy on animals, plants, and people.

In China, Korea, and Norway nearly 200 institutes, hospitals, and universities have conducted extensive experiments using TDP Mineral Lamp therapy on animals, plants, and people. It’s only natural to wonder how the TDP lamp works to less these and dozens of other symptoms.

Scientists has backed healing properties of TDP Mineral Lamps

Infrared therapy has scientifically been proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, promote plant growth, strengthen immunity against disease, improve metabolism, and to promote growth. The TDP

Mineral Lamp is a tested therapeutic tool now being widely used by acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare practitioners. In the past 16 years alone, millions of patients with chronic ailments have been benefited from therapy with TDP lamps.

It’s no secret why the TDP lamp is referred to as the “Miracle Lamp” in China. Its incredible proven success in relieving chronic ailments has given the lamp a mythological reputation across the Far East.

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In Korea entire clinics are dedicated to using the TDP mineral lamp exclusively to treat back pain, shoulder and joint pain, and arthritis under the supervision of a physician.

The TDP lamp differentiates itself from simple infrared radiation by incorporating a mineral plate that is heated to ionize certain minerals. This plate is the most distinct component of the lamp. As mentioned above the plate consists of 33 mineral elements intended which work to healthfully stimulate the processes of the human body.

The human body relies on vitamins and minerals to heal and repair itself which is why the plate is so effective. Studies have found that minerals and vitamins are a crucial factor to keep all aspects of the body in good health. Having a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the body can even prevent your hair from turning grey! Research has shown that up to 80% of Americans are Zinc deficient.

These statistics are startling and shed some literal and metaphoric light on why the TDP Lamp is so effective. Key minerals which are essential to health are contained in the special metal plate of the TDP Lamp and when the plate is heated to a specific temperature it emits electromagnetic waves sized between 2-25 microns. This wave size allows for maximum absorption in the body. The plate specifically emits minerals in their ionic state to stimulate the body’s natural metabolic processes for optimum benefits.

Not only do the wave lengths emitted from the lamp mirror those of energy coming from healing hands, studies from China and Korea have shown that they also promote micro-circulation – the process of blood moving into the tiny spaces of your body to deliver nutrients, remove waste products, and send repair cells to do their work.

Unlike other alternative treatments which pose a threat to one’s health and are not approved by the FDA, the TDL Lamp has been classified by the FDA in a group of radiant devices used for temporary relief of chronic pain and arthritis.

While the TDP Lamp has already established its reputation in other parts of the world, Americans are just starting to discover its benefits. While the FDA has not approved the TDL Lamp for the treatment of any medical conditions, abroad it has been successfully used to treat over 100 conditions including, but not limited to: arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, edema, swelling and skin conditions of all kinds, diarrhea, lower back pain, pneumonia, irregular menstruation, impotence, paralysis, infection, scars, cold and flu, angina, bone fractures, bruises, tumors, low metabolism, etc.

Despite the fact that the TDL lamps are not yet approved by the FDA for the actual treatment of medical conditions, you can find TDP lamps in broad usage in the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Israel, and Hong Kong, among many other places.

Tried and Tested- A Proven Method of Treatment

Without case studies there can be no way to prove whether or not a device is beneficial in treating a medical condition. With the TDL Lamp, there have been numerous case studies which prove its effectiveness. The TDL Lamp is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and is built to mirror the radiant electromagnetic frequencies that a normal, healthy body produces. The TDP Lamp is designed to reproduce a natural radiant effect but in a dramatically powerful and reproducible way.


While the actual infrared “light” is too low a frequency to be seen with your eyes, you can feel it, as you can when you stand near a stove or stand under the sun on a hot day.

The benefits of warming an injured area or strained muscle are well known, the way soaking in a hot bath can soothe away aches and pains. The TDP lamp’s heat penetrates the body 2 to 3.5 inches. Additionally, it’s providing the full infrared spectrum emitted by the human body, including the part that is filtered out of sunshine by our atmosphere. Add to that the mineral plate excitation, and you have a very powerful tool for jump-starting the body’s repair processes. The simple mechanism of the TDP lamp’s heating action in stimulating natural body processes can most likely help with any condition where a boost in the body’s repair process is beneficial.

Some patients have reported 100% recovery, and most report a dramatic improvement of their symptoms by at least 40%. TDP lamps are commonly used by acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other natural health specialists in the US.
In other countries there are entire clinics dedicated to TDP mineral lamp therapy. Test one of these clinics for yourself to see how beneficial the treatment is for you. And keep in mind that as with any natural treatment, it can take up to a few sessions to see the optimal results. Don’t make your judgment call on the TDP Lamp until you’ve given it a try; the results will certainly surprise you in a positive way! Once you’ve experienced the benefits first hand, you won’t hesitate to order one for your own home. The best part is that it will pay itself off in just three uses.

Traditional Medicine with a Modern Twist

You may have heard about the eastern medicinal concept of Chi or Qi (Prana, Life Force, etc.), which is the energy that flows through living things. There are only a few ways that Qi can be added to the body and they include breathing, eating, moxibustion, an energetic healer, and the TDP Mineral Lamp.

According to eastern theories, Qi starts to become depleted from the body because of our stressful lifestyles. Eating well and breathing are no longer enough to keep you young and protect your body from the negative impact of a modern life. Therefore it’s important to see an acupuncturist or shiatsu therapist. While they have many resources available to relieve these negative effects, their weapon of choice is the TDP Lamp. If you don’t have the time or money to see a practitioner on a regular basis then invest in your very own lamp.

It may not be a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but it is an economical way to take control of some of your health needs.

Insurance Billing: TDP lamps have a billable modality number of 97026 for doctors to bill insurance providers (in some states in the U.S.). Patients may ask their doctor for billing information.

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Best TDP Floor Lamp Comparisons

TDP Far Infrared Heat Lamp with a Detachable Head Floor Model (2nd Generation)

101The temperature produced by our Infrared heat lamp does not use special heating temperature, however still provides excellent Infrared penetration through the skin.

TDP operates with coil heat and a mineral plate (no light globe needed). The Mineral Plate (6.5″ in diameter, length span of up to 1,500 hrs) emits Far Infrared Lights when heated. Detachable head – simply unplug the cord that attaches the head and the main frame when replacing.

Price: $189 USD


  • Easy to assemble together
  • Compact home device
  • Similiar to techonology that accupunturiest work with
  • Blends mineral and infrared technologies

  • It requires longer than 10 minutes to heat up. It is separate from different NIR illumination. Does not radiate sufficient heat as expected.
  • Does not hold the proper tightening mechanism
  • The wheel is unstable falling off from time to time
starsblack5 “Was a skeptic for the TDP Lamps, was wondering what the whole fuss was about. Purchased this in 2015. Still have it from personal experience it has helped with my aches around the parts of my knees – Helen

Healing TDP Heating CQ-29 Infrared Health Lamp by Lekon (2nd Generation model)


Protection enclosure above plate for assurance upon temperature and subordinate damage with adjustable multi-positional arm, best five-wheel base.

Yielding with all American preventive device security standards.

The average domestic three-pin device is the supportive device for this mechanism. It has 110 Volts 50Hz consumption and 250 Watts.

Price: $169.00 USD


  • Please expect at least 10-20 minutes for heat. Average treatment concourses should last a minimum of 40 min per area.
  • Remove aches from back pain and muscle tensions within your body
  • Comes with 5 legs for ample durability and flexibility when moving from room to room.
  • Cools of instantly once turned off

  • Performs best in the cold seasons, winter, spring, fall
  • Warning this is not used over the eye area
  • Does not provide specific informational content for assembly, manual insufficient
starsblack4 “So far so good don’t have any problems as of yet. HIGH EXPECTATIONS! Will see where this goes. – Stewart Franklin

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