Foam Pillow Cushion for Back Pain Relief & Good Sleep

If you spend many hours sitting on a chair in front of the computer or watching TV,  than you know back pain is going to hit you. What was the last time that you have tried to find a good back support?

Recently, I have found a Memory Foam Pillow that is very effective for relieving and preventing back pain. This cushion has an adjustable strap, which allows for easy placement on your chair to support your back immediately.

The Foam Pillow is great for back pain sufferers that spend many hours sitting. I have seen the Cushion is in three different colors; green, pink, and yellow.

Back & sleep cushion

Back & sleep cushion

The Pillow Cushion can also be placed on the back of your car seat while driving. If you have nagging back pain while driving, a Pillow Cushion is a very safe and affordable way to prevent pain in the lower back. The Pillow Cushion keeps your back straight and also acts like a shock absorber for your back while driving. It feels great….

Sleeping at Work

Here is the funny part….

You can put this foam cushion at your desk and enjoy a nap.

This pillow has an open space in the middle of the cushion for better airflow while you sleep.  Besides, the surface is cushioned with memory foam to avoids pressure on the face.

Isn’t that fabulous?

I’m sure my boss wants to have one for his desk.  Wonder how long he is going to take nap with this cushion.

Sleeping Cushion at work

Sleeping Cushion at work

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