How to relieve from Tennis Elbow and other Joint Pain

As an advanced level tennis player, I play tennis at least two or three times a week. During the summer months of June, July, and August, my body was in top physical shape with no body pain and most importantly, no elbow pain. Tennis elbow is something that I do experience when I play tennis for the first time after a long hiatus from tennis. For example, if I hit the courts after a two week break from tennis, I usually get tennis elbow the day after playing.

In the past I have talked to my doctor regarding my tennis elbow and he informed me of the cause and possible solution to eliminate it. For beginner tennis players, lack of strength in the arms and improper racquet grip is a likely cause of tennis elbow. Since I’m a intermediate level tennis player, lack of strength and improper grip are not factors causing my tennis elbow. For me, tennis elbow could be weather related which means I may have slight arthritis in the arms or it could just be simply lack of regular play.

Since for the past couple of months (September & October), I have not been playing tennis regularly, I noticed that when I do play, I do get tennis elbow pain the day after playing. Therefore I have determined that my tennis elbow results from a lack of playing tennis regularly. If I play two times a week, my tennis elbow becomes non existant.

Since I do get tennis elbow occasionally, I tried using the CQ-12 TDP desktop heating lamp on my right arm to relieve pain. For the first few days, I had doubts about the effectiveness of this TDP lamp because I did not feel any reduction of pain. I guess I was looking for instant results. So I used the lamp regularly for a few weeks, and I did experience some reduction in tennis elbow pain. Now, the reduction in pain could also have been a result of playing indoor tennis on a weekly basis but in the past I would still experience some elbow pain from playing regularly. I believe my reduction in tennis elbow pain resulted from a combination of playing tennis regularly and using the TDP desktop lamp regularly.

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3 thoughts on “How to relieve from Tennis Elbow and other Joint Pain

  1. Probably your pain disapperead after using the lamp. I came across several posts, reporting the heat or cold treatment of pain, and namely arthritis. It seems the heating (or the cold) relieves pain by maintaining tissue temperature.

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