Cervical Traction Device vs Heating Pad – Which Is Best For Neck Pain Relief

When I was looking for neck pain relief solutions two interesting products came across my mind. An inflatable neck traction device and the infrared heating pad.

To understand which neck pain relief product is the right one for you, you need to find out the cause of the neck pain.

First, Know the Causes of Your Neck Pain

Neck pain can be cause by several ways. Bad posture behind your computer, bending you head all day long reading books, or slept at the wrong side in your bed. There are too many ways to create neck pain.

Some are just a minor pain, and will disappear after you take a good rest. But chronic neck is the worst. This may be caused by whiplash,  sport injury, or bad posture in a long period.


Cervical Traction Device Is Good for Relieving Pain From Pinched Nerve or Compressed Disc

If you have compressed disc or pinched nerve, you might want to consider the cervical neck traction device. I’ve found this ChiSoft cervical traction device. It’s a device that you wrap around your neck and inflate with a air pump manually. While you inflate the cervical traction device, it will gently stretch you cervical spine. This helps relieve the compressed disc.


Shoulder Heating pad To Sooth Your Stiff Neck Muscle

When you have neck pain, caused by stiff neck muscle, you should consider using a Shoulder Heating pad. A shoulder pad can be put around your shoulder and neck. The heat of the pad will give you muscle relief.

I’ve found this Microwave Shoulder Heating Pad.  It emits infrared waves. The shoulder heating pad is designed with a “U” shaped cutout that fits like a collar around your neck to more effectively deliver soothing moist heat to your shoulders and neck. Very comfortable and the heat last for a long time.

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Neck Traction for Chronic neck pain

When you chronic neck pain such as pinched nerve, compressed cervical disc or degenerative disc, a neck traction device or cervical traction device can help you get some relief.

It’s always recommend to visit your chiropractor first for this kind of chronic neck pain.

Neck traction magnet therapy explained



3 thoughts on “Cervical Traction Device vs Heating Pad – Which Is Best For Neck Pain Relief

  1. i think you should use both the heating pad and the neck traction device.
    Heat helps relax the muscle and increases the blood flow.

    Neck traction helps relieve the pressure off the compressed disc.

    Great tips

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