Infrared Heating Products for Neck and Back Pain Relief

Summer is over. Fall is period with lots of rain. Many arthritis sufferers will feel the pain in their joints, neck and back again.

Some may start using the pain killers, but they might get addicted to those drugs. Not to mention the side-effects that you are getting. Causing other pain or trouble in your body.

Natural Pain Relief Solution…

Isn’t there are drug free pain relief solution? A product that has no side-effects and still get a great relief?

I have been reviewing those neck pain relief products for a while. I almost forgot to mention that there are natural pain relief products. With NO side effects.

TDP Lamp or Mineral Lamp

Here are those infrared heated products:

TDP Lamp Mineral Lamp CQ12B

This small desktop heating lamp can be put at your desk. The lamp emits far infrared. As you know far infrared rays are different from those harmful ultraviolet rays coming out of the sun. Far infrared enhance the healing process of your body and helps relieve the muscle pain.

This TDP Lamp is small and easy to move to another place.

TDP lamp - desktop heating lamp

TDP lamp - desktop heating lamp

TDP Lamp – Mineral lamp CQ29

This TDP Lamp is bigger version of the CQ12B. It’s almost like floorlamp, but the lamp head can be adjusted, tilted up to 90 degrees, rotated 360 degrees. So you can lay down in your sofa and still enjoy the heat to get relief.

This floor lamp has wheels like those office chair, so it’s easy to move around your room. With a 60 minutes timer, this TDP lamp provides a focused deep heating in therapeutic treatments to relieve sore muscle and muscle pain. It also increases the blood circulation and metabolism

Mineral lamp - heating therapy  - far infrared

Mineral lamp - heating therapy - far infrared

TDP Lamp – Mineral lamp CQ36B

They also call this lamp the second generation lamp, because it’s an improved model of the popular CQ29. This TDP Lamp CQ-35B has a more accurate timer and longer time of usage than CQ12 B or CQ-29. This floor lamp looks almost the same as the analog TDP Lamp CQ29, but the control panel of CQ36B is digital

Unlike other Mineral Lamp models, CQ35B notifies you when to change the mineral plate. The mineral plate must be replaced after 1500 hours of usage, otherwise it’s therapeutic effect will be decreased. So, with this built-in notification, it tell you to change the mineral plate on time, so you can get the best therapeutic effect. You don’t want to lay down having the TDP lamp turned and not know you are not getting the relief you should get, right?

Besides, the TDP Lamp comes with upgraded timer design (90 minutes and not 60 minutes), Microcomputer Processor, Digital & Liquid Crystal Display, accumulative Memory Timing.

TDP Lamp with large mineral plate

TDP Lamp with large mineral plate

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