10 Simply Ways to Help Prevent Neck Pain

Chapter 2:

Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

The Cervical spine is made up of the first seven vertebrae in the spine, medically termed C1-C7. The nerve of the cervical spine, which is the upper part of the spinal cord, is the base of the nerves which travel from the arms to the hands.

Neck pain can affect every type of workers, including truck drivers and homemakers to executives. In fact recurrent neck pain can affect your work efficiency, affect your sleep and even make you irritable. However, if you follow the tips given below, then you can easily relieve your neck pain:

Relax your neck:

Whatever you do, be it sitting in front of you p.c. or in case you are watching television for a long session, then your neck faces additional stress and becomes stiff, making your neck ache after some time. So, you must take breaks from a certain position. Stand up and move about as it will be good for your neck or volunteer to do some other work in case you want to do some other chore around the house.

Stretch your neck

If you are suffering from stiffness and muscle tension, causing neck pain, then the best way to relieve it is by stretching. You have to tilt your head from left to right and count till 20 before doing it in the opposite direction. After this, place your hand on the top of your head and begin stretching your neck in the direction of your shoulders on each side. Do these stretching exercises with slow and smooth movements and gradually as you might cause a muscle sprain or a ligament tear if you do these exercises in case you do these exercises very swiftly.

Here are 5 gentle neck stress exercises

Maintain good posture:

Your muscles always work to keep your head upright. However, if you adopt bad posture, then your muscles have to work twice as hard. If you are standing or sitting, you must always make it a point that your shoulders are over your hips and your ears are over your shoulders and keep your neck and spine straight, in all cases. Do not slump or slouch when you are sitting or standing or even reading a book in your bed. All this will help you avoid neck pain.

Invest in a chair with a good back

Your chair must provide adequate comfort for your back and you neck as you spend the major part of the day in it. Choose a high-backed chair fitted with a cushion so that you back can remain in a neutral position and also keep your back up to shoulder level. As your neck and back are kept vertical in such a high-backed chair, you can lean your head back sometimes and relax. Such a chair helps lessen neck pain and soreness.

Apply Heat and Cold Compresses or Massages:

a good way to relieve neck stress and neck pain is by warming or chilling the painful area of your neck. However, applying heat is generally considered to be better than applying ice. Use a heating pad on your neck or an ice pack which will help relieve your pain, if you use the compress for about 20 minutes. This works as it helps increase blood circulation in your neck. However, do avoid excessive heat as it will inform inflammation.

Use a Speakerphone

mostly, people talk on the phone with the receiver of the phone held between your neck and your shoulder which causes strain to your neck. Using a hands-free device or a speakerphone while conversing for long hours will help keep your hands disengaged and even allow you to keep your posture correct, thus easing neck pain.

Sleep with your neck straight

we spend at least 6 to 8 hours of the night sleeping in one position and so we must try our best to maintain a neutral or straight position when we are sleeping. Throw out old or droopy pillows and get firm, supportive pillows which will help keep your head in the correct alignment with you back and your side, easing pressure on the neck and not causing neck stress or soreness when you wake up.

For neck pain, usually a soft feather pillow will work well for you or try out a pillow before purchasing.

Compare 3 different neck traction equipment here.

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