Neck Traction Device vs. Neck Massager for Neck Pain Relief?

Neck Massager Helps Relieve sore neck Muscle

A stiff, sore neck responds best to a professional or medical neck massage, reducing stress and headaches. You can consult a doctor or a massage therapist who provide neck massage sessions which are not very costly or time-taking.

However, a convenient option is to buy a neck massager which will save money and time. They are also easy to use and you can use it sitting or lying down, only by pressing the start button. Neck massagers come with vibrating and rotating massage heads which loosen the stiffness in the neck and ease neck pain in minutes.

Sometimes, neck massagers also use infrared heat emission to enhance the massage’s effectivity. A cervical traction unit is also extremely useful and so you can use cervical traction unit when you are suffering from neck pain.

What If You Have Neck Pain?

Then Chi Soft Neck Traction Device Can Help:

Cervical Traction

ChiSoft Cervical Traction – Pro II

The setup is a long process and complicated, also requiring the person to sit on a chair with their back to the door or the wall. This position is every precarious and dangerous as someone might suddenly enter the room or push the door, upsetting the setup and may even cause accidents. It also cannot separately use the weight of 50 pounds required for relief as is used in professional clinics, only managing weights of about 20 pounds or more.

On the other hand, Chisoft traction devices are very easy to use with an inflatable neck stretcher which is not messy and where you merely need to push the start button. It allows you separate the joints so that it can be used to relieve pain in irritated joints, compressed discs and neck pain without the problems of weights, painful chin straps and leaky water bags.

Who can use the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device?

People with stiffness and soreness in neck muscles; those of you who spend long hours in front of the computer; professionals and office workers with poor posture and suffering from muscle spasms in their neck and their shoulders; patients of Degenerative Arthritis.

Special Features of the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device:

It is user friendly and made of latex which makes it very comfortable, as compared to ordinary traction devices. The device supports your neck and head in the correct manner. As it is a portable neck stretcher, it reduces para vertebral muscle spasms by stretching the neck’s soft tissues and problems of neck muscle spasms and nerve root compressions. Though ChiSoft Neck Tradition is small and light, it is very powerful and provides many kinds of special tractions, due to an inbuilt dynamic structure. This is very helpful on a daily basis, to ease stress on the neck and neck pain.

How does the ChiSoft Neck Traction work?

The Neck Traction device has to be inflated with air pumped into it. This helps to gently stretch your neck. This leads to pressure in the neck in a vertical direction which in turn eases and stretches tight muscles, relieving joint pressure in the neck. The device has low and high pressure air chambers which will improve your comfort when you are undergoing the process of traction and immobilization. The pressure in the intra-vertebral disc is eased due to the elongating process of this neck traction device.

If you use this traction device for just a few minutes then it can give you great relief and regular use of the neck traction device will help prevent further neck problems as it increases blood supply to neck muscles.

So, do not wait till your neck pain aggravates to buy a ChiSoft Neck Traction Device and relieve neck pain.

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Where Can You Get Quality Neck Massagers:

The Body Face Shop has different type of neck massager that you want, to be used on the waist, abdomen and legs as well. It has vibrating heads, rotating heads and even infrared emissions.

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One thought on “Neck Traction Device vs. Neck Massager for Neck Pain Relief?

  1. I tried both a neck massager and the neck traction device. If you want my opinion about which one better for you back, I would say: it depends.

    if you have muscles stiffness around you neck then an electric massager is the best choice for you.

    If you have neck pain caused by pinched nerve or compressed then neck traction is the best choice.

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