Back Stretcher Seen at Dr Oz -> Top Rated Lower Back Stretching Machines

What’s the Buzz About ChiSoft Back Stretcher seen on Dr. Oz Show?

Have you been watching this interesting episode “Killer Pills: America’s Deadly Addiction to Pain Medication” broadcasted on June 1st, 2016?

If you missed the show, here is a quick summary why Doctor Oz selected the ChiSoft back stretcher as the best back pain relief device. The ChiSoft device contains thumb-tipped nodes which aligns with your the spinal structure, providing you with a back stretching Massage which has its roots in Shiatsu and Spinal decompression.

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It comes with a green foam in middle of the curved plate providing comfortable support when using the device. This distinctive feature gives an extra edge to ChiSoft back stretcher over the competitors.


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How Doctor Oz Reviewed ChiSoft Lower Back Stretcher At Episode 42, Season 7

First, a special product research team of Dr Oz purchased a large amount of different back pain prevention devices on the market for testing. After an intensive trial period, the team selected 3 devices to be shown on TV. During the show ChiSoft back stretcher was demonstrated as the best according to Doctor Oz.


Doctor Oz going to try ChiSoft lumber Back Stretcher

Dr. Oz Giving A Demo How to Use ChiSoft Back Stretcher (2nd Edition)

Out of the three back pain relief devices Chisoft Back Stretching device was selected the best by Dr Oz. During the show he compared all three devices. See how he did a demo for this back stretching equipment.


Dr. Oz laying down at the Chisoft lumber back stretcher while explaining the benefits of this device:

  1. A comfortable and passive way to stretch lower back
  2. Increases Flexibility and loosens Muscles
  3. Use it 5 Minutes in the morning and evening to get most out of this device

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After the show I have seen many different cheaper imitations of this device at different online market places. If you want to get the authentic one that is shown at Doctor Oz show look for the brand logo at the product: ChiSoft

As Seen At Dr Oz Back StrethcerChiSoft is the original back stretcher machine with the green soft foam. I found this device compact, lightweight and convenient to use.


  • Helps relieve stiff lower back muscles
  • Help prevent back problems
  • Comes with 3 multi-level design, allowing you to work up to a better stretch once ready.
  • Comes with Soft foam in the middle providing comfortable support
  • A very sturdy plate with robust quality
  • Has multiple mini knobs on both sides allowing you to get acupressure massage feeling


  • It may be difficult to put the stretcher at the maximum level (3), but with some practice you get done easily.

Spinal decompression therapy has become very popular in the recent years. Using a home back stretching device is non-invasive way to get relief from lower back pain.

According to Web Md spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine so the pressure on the spinal disks can be reduced. And one of the safest and comfortable way to use ChiSoft back stretcher.

ChiSoft Deluxe Back Stretcher 3rd Edition, Upgraded Model of the original One Seen at Doctor Oz Show

This is improve model of the first ChiSoft back stretching device. Just like the orginal back stretcher It comes with massaging knobs and 3 different arched level.  They removed this small acupressure spikes and comes with magnetic massage knobs.


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What’s new about this CHISOFT Deluxe back stretcher?

  • Comes with Magnetic Knobs to help increase blood circulation
  • Comes with Extra Silicon Cover with bigger massage knobs for a more comfortable stretch.
  • You have the option to use the regular back stretcher with of withou the silicon cover

back stretching device ChiSoft

back stretcher chisoft


  • Helps improve your posture
  • Passively stretch those stiff lower back and increase flexibility
  • Comes with extra silicon layer with bigger knobs
  • 3 Different Arched Levels for a personalized stretcher
  • Comes with magnetic knobs to help increase blood circulation




Back Arched Stretcher (Only 1 Arched Level)

North American Back StretcherThis small back stretcher is immensely helpful in curing back pain. Moreover, it has been suggested even by health fanatics. This device increases the flexibility and mends posture; the JB4866 Arched Back undoubtedly cures all of your backaches and pains.


  • It helps improving posture over a period of time
  • It relieves pressure moderately by assuring comfort
  • It helps relieving from long time aches and pains
  • This device guarantees relaxed back support


  • It’s small and can only be used by people with short heights
  • Excessive flexibility may be misleading as you have to take care about its last stretching limit
  • Only one arch level, so it cannot adjust it according to your body


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Back Magic Back Stretching Device (First Edition), an older model

Back Magic Plus It’s similar to the ChiSoft back Stretcher 2nd edition as seen on Dr Oz Show, but it’s missing the middle foam and the knobs are bigger, which It may hurt your back.

This device contains thumb-tipped nodes which aligns with your the spinal structure, providing you with a Trigger Point Massage which has its roots in Shiatsu and Reflexology. The benefit of such thumb-tipped nodes is also one the essential features of Back Magic Plus.

It is because of these trigger points that one needs only three to five minutes – two times a day to rip utmost benefits of this product. This distinctive feature gives an extra edge to Back Magic Plus over the competitors.


  • This device is compact, lightweight and convenient.
  • It is equipped with multi-level design, allowing you to work up to a better stretch once ready.
  • It fits easily into travel bags – hence a mobility is a plus point


  • This on not durable. It can be easily broken with excess weight especially when you are traveling with it
  • Compared with competitors, this one is little bit overpriced
  • Outdated

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Trueback Orthopedic Traction Device (only 1 arched level)

true-back-left-greyTRUEBACK is justifiably listed as an orthopedics’ traction device. TRUEBACK helps in relieving you from daily stress and muscle tension by assuring relaxed back muscle. TRUEBACK gives a long-lasting effect unlike some other devices. The effectiveness of the Trueback in spine expansion has been approved with a clinical study. Also, the design features a high end, and a low end. High end offers greater stretching result and this can be used to distillate the benefits where it is required – on the lower, middle, or upper back.


  • It radically cures your back pain effectively
  • TRUEBACK focuses stretches on the lower middle and upper back
  • You get free foam pads for additional comfort – only available in this device


  • This device is priced relatively higher than others in competition.
  • It does NOT come with a lifetime warranty

Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device

31C2ENMD4FLThis device is designed by a chiropractor;made in such a way that it gives natural back support which uses your body’s own weight to apply pressure precisely on the spinal vertebrae. As you lie on Spine-Worx, your spine is forced firmly against the length of its two exclusive padded and curved rails whereby shifting your weight or altering position marginally, you can apply more compression where needed to feel fast relief.


  • Spine-Worx helps relieving muscular pain, pressure and crossness.
  • This one is perhaps one of the best home therapies


  • It is made up of plastic body.
  • Not as durable as other heavy duty competitive devices

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Teeter Hang Ups P3 Portable Back Stretcher

Teeter Hang Ups P3 back stretcherThis decompression back stretcher is not merely portable; but has a distinctive way of back stretching which surpasses others in competition. This device is lightweight and it is the operational way to decompress each weight-bearing joint from anything which is between the shoulder blades and ankles.


  • It is convenient and portable
  • It is durable and has a superior make.
  • Modifiable with marked height settings blended with push-button releases


  • It is really slender for broader people.
  • If you have problem doing sit-ups you’ll have trouble getting your ankles into the struts on this machine.

Inversion Table

Body BackThis is one of the basic back-stretcher which is simplistic in its design and functions. There is nothing much to this other than just positioning on it and stretching your back. It increases your flexibility and restores comfort and mobility. This device comprises simply an arched foam piece that fits under back. This works if you’re looking for a low-cost, simple stretch. In this device you cannot adjust the arch height and this may provide too forceful stretch for some.


  • Expensive and big. $200
  • Does the work of stretching without any hassles.


  • This does not come with any warranty
  • It can easily get dismantled if not taken care
  • Big and takes up a lot of space in your room

StretchMate Orthopedic Lower Back Stretcher (Only 1 Arched Level)

StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher This device is designed specially keeping in mind your body’s composition; it offers a unique system for relieving the pressure along your spine. The StretchMate comforts muscular weakness, thereby straightening your vertebrae.


  • This improves posture with consistent use
  • It helps in increasing flexibility
  • Helps proving firm yet comfortable support to your back


  • It gets pretty uncomfortable as the side rods presses on your shoulder blades. Also if head is tilted far back one would feel painful.
  • It hurt too much to use the plastic with the bumps which are way too hard
  • Only 1 arched level, so may not help

Back Relax Mate Orthopedic Back Support LL-802

BackStretcher_detailsThis the oldest back stetcher. It’s simply and made of plastic.

The Stretch mate is ergonomically designed to provide support in stretching your back. One just needs to down and relax as rest will be taken care of by Stretch Mate. It easily adapts to the spine’s natural curves and so it realigns the vertebrae. Also it comforts brawny fatigue and tension by enhancing flexibility and improving posture


  • Helps improving your posture
  • This is utmost useful in increasing flexibility
  • This also gently releases pressure
  • As its extensive benefits one can yield positive results even on ribcage muscles


  • Stiff mold and cheap plastic may hurt your back
  • It can be broken very easily
  • Difficult to assemble – Does NOT come as one piece. You need to put all the 20 different pieces together including the screws. Well good luck!

Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager

Back2 life Back2Life is a revolutionary device which gently and naturally helps in alignment of the spine, relieving pressure and easing down any discomfort.

The revolutionary technique called ‘Continuous Passive Motion’ gently and rest fully lifts your tailbone and thereby flexing up your spine. Using Back2Life is rightly relaxing as it does not manipulate body movements, but instead with its slow, steady, motion gently movements your spine stretches – loosening tight muscles and relieving pressure and any discomposure.


  • Comes with 30 Day trail offer. It’s a full money back trial offer.
  • Just 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes at night- one will see the best effects of using this device.
  • It does not involve any aggressive stretching or expensive treatments


  • This may not work if you are overweight
  • It is too expensive as compared to other products
  • It does not have any extended warranties even after paying $179

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7 thoughts on “Back Stretcher Seen at Dr Oz -> Top Rated Lower Back Stretching Machines

  1. I am suprised to say that this actually helps. Does it re-align your spine? I can’t say for sure. My lower back always feels tense and sore like its just wore out. I lay on this on the first(easiest)knotch and it relieves alot of the pain. I lay on it either on the floor or the bed, mostly in bed at night, and it helps. I have even fell asleep on it a few times. It does help.

  2. I saw this green back stretcher at Dr Oz Show. Well explained by Doctor Oz himself. He loves it and I like it as well. I bought it at Vita Activate. Once I received the product it was easy to setup and it works marvelously at stretching my back. The only thing I’d point out is that on both sides of the white plastic plate has little spikes all over it that are supposed to be for acupuncture I guess. I’m glad it comes with the green foam to support my back. Feel more comfortable.

  3. I love this product. Thanks for the recommendations. The Dr Oz back stretcher was easy to setup and it works great stretching my back. I had the same concern about the spikes, but I’m glad it comes with green foam support in the middle. Another tip: Flip the plate over so you can lay on the smooth side. it’s perfect back stretcher

  4. Yep, that’s the back stretcher I have seen at Dr Oz Show! The one with the green foam in the middle. I was visiting a friend’s party and saw this device at his home. So I gave it a try and It really does work. It helps relieve my lower back pain. Dr Oz said to use it for 5 minutes per day only, but I was lying down there for at least 10 minutes. It feels good when using the lowest setting. I’m glad I found this blog post. The TV show didn’t say where I can get this back stretcher. Does anybody know where I can this?

  5. Dr Oz again. I love this show. A great demo of different back pain relief solutions. The tips that Dr Oz gave about the back stretcher were very helpful

  6. Back stretching devices work.

    I’ve been using back stretchers for my DDD and Sciatic Pain now for 13 months and it has almost elimiated the pain.

    The best stretchers in my opinion are as follows

    1. The Lumbar Extender back stretcher
    2. The Sae Arc Wooden Back Stretcher
    3. The Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher

    I alternate between these devices. I use them 3 times a day for 15 minutes to keep my back problems away. I’ve come so far in 13 months, which is why I recommend these products.

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