Neck Shoulder Massager – Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage After Sports

A few days ago, I went to see a professional massage therapist because I was interested in receiving a Shiatsu massage and a Deep Tissue Massage. I get occasional lower back pain from playing sports so I wanted to see if a Shiatsu massage or a deep tissue massage would help.


Getting a Shiatsu Massage after playing Sports…

At my first session, I chose a Shiatsu massage which is more or less an acupressure massage which involves applying medium pressure to specific acupuncture points or trigger points on my body. This type of massage feels quite comfortable because you don’t feel any pain during the massage. The massage therapist informs me that like most massages, I will need to have regular sessions of Shiatsu massage in order to get the ultimate benefits. The day after receiving this massage, I did not notice any difference.

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Deep Tissue Massage Feels Great

The next day, I went back for a deep tissue massage which is recommended for body pain from sports or if you have tight tense muscles in general. During this massage, I definitely felt pain on my shoulders, back, and legs. Since my lower back was a bit painful before the massage, this type of massage was actually loosening the tense muscles in my lower back and I could feel an increase in blood circulation in my back. A deep tissue massage really feels like a workout even though I’m lying flat on my stomach with the therapist doing all the work.

The next day, my body felt a bit painful in areas where I did not have pain initially but my lower back was actually feeling better. For me, it seems like a deep tissue massage really helps to reduce pain from playing sports.

Neck Shoulder Massager instead of a Massage Therapist

If you don’t have the money to visit a massage therapist every week or you just want a massage right after your workout, you can use a electrical massager machine.

I have found this one at an online store and it feels great!

You simply place the the massager around shoulder and turn on the power button. Put both your hands through the handles and let arms hang on it. This will add more massaging power through the machine. A very smart design and it feels you have a kneading massage around you neck and shoulder.

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What I like about this ChiSoft neck shoulder massager

This neck shoulder massager gives you full control in the massage level you want. Besides the deep kneading shiatsu massage it comes with infrared heat.

Here are the features that I like about ChiSoft massager machine:

  • Penetrates aching muscles and relieves tightness
  • Reaches between your shoulders and upper back—where other massagers can’t
  • Simple to operate—clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation
  • Wraps comfortably around your neck and shoulders
  • Easily place the massager at your lower back

The ChiSoft Neck & Shoulder with Heat reaches where other massagers can’t.

If you are looking for soothing massage around your neck and shoulder with heat then I would recommend this massager. Why?

Because it feels great and with the arm strap you can easily move it up or down along your neck, shoulders and back for a targeted deep massage. Unlike the older hand held massagers this one is easy to pin point problem spots.

What Else Should You Consider Before Buying a Neck Shoulder Massager

But first, let me explain the different massages types most electronic neck shoulder massagers are trying to simulate.

  1. Shiatsu massager. This type of massager is like exerting finger pressure on your body. The word Shiatsu comes from the Japanese medical therapy.
  2. Acupressure massager. This kind of massager focuses on acupuncture points of your body to stimulate Chinese meridians.
  3. Vibrating massager. This massager creates vibration to your body to loosens up your muscles. If you prefer a gentler motion then this kind of massager machine might suite you.
  4. Infrared massager. Some massager machines contain the feature to emit infrared heat. It helps to enhance the healing process of the targeted body part and helps recover tired muscles or damaged tissues. As you know heat helps increase blood circulation.
  5. Kneading massager. Is one of the most favorite massager machine. It feels like you are having the squeezing hands of the masseuse . It’s great for tired muscles



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One thought on “Neck Shoulder Massager – Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage After Sports

  1. thanks for sharing this blog post. What’s also good is a hot pad, especially a few days after the sports injury. I play tennis a lot and I get tennis elbow.

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