Trigger Point Massager Tool Reviews – Best Acupressure Self Back Massage Tools

Are you one of the millions of people frequently suffering from back and shoulder pain after a long day at work? If you are one of them, you have two options.

If you are one of them, you have two options.The first one is to pay a lot of money for professional massages that do not offer lasting results. The second is to buy a convenient trigger point massager, which is generally a cheaper and a better alternative in comparison to a pricey massage session.

I think it’s safe to say most people will revert to the second option. Pay a one time amount of money quick and easy rather than going to massage therapists every week. So what’s next? Do research about these specified massage tools. Below you will find a compilation of what are the hots and the nots!

Trigger point massager is such an innovative and multifunctional tool. It can be used for years and don’t sit much – made with a heavy-duty plastic, they will serve you for years to come. Quality and sturdy, they guarantee the long lasting results along with an ultimate pleasure and deep relaxation.

Check out this list of the best trigger point massagers that I have made for you to get the best value for your money.

#1. ChiSoft Trigger Point Self Massager Tool with Detachable Connector for Best Portability


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With a novel ergonomic design where you can easily use whether at home or at the office, ChiSoft® Trigger Point Back Massager effectively pinpoints the stress locations and elegantly soothes the pain and tension that have built up during a busy day. It’s one of the most popular back hook massager in the market.

Special Features of this Self Massage Stick

1. Special plastic material PA6. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, such as acids and alkalis, this material is high quality and also used in vehicles as well! (read more here to find out what PA6 plastic is all about)
2. 2-IN-1 detachable connector for portability and convenience. Can also be detached and used separately to target those hard to reach areas.
3. Pinpoint Massage. Designed angles to maneuver to pressure points around the body to loosen tight areas with the 10 Knobs. Relieves spasms, tight muscles, trigger points and pressure points.
4. Lightweight. Easy for travel as it detaches into 2 smaller units while still maintaining the key features.


#2. Sivan Health and Fitness Pressure Massage Cane

This lightweight and convenient cane-shaped device can be used to massage hard to reach areas. This irreplaceable pressure massage cane is perfect for those who suffer from muscle tension, body aches, back pain, insomnia, etc. Heal yourself without any medications or expensive massage sessions with this massage cane made of quality plastic with six treatment balls.

Lightweight, durable, and with a convenient cane-shaped design that accesses as massages hard to reach areas well,


Very Simply and the handle is not equally balanced when using pressure point massage at the lower back

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#3. Happy Trigger Massager and Acupressure Tool

Even though its small and simple to use, Happy trigger point massager is a great acupressure and massage tool for anyone who suffer from chronic pains or muscle stiffness. Thanks to its small size and light handheld design, it is really easy to maneuver and carry with you. Made of high quality materials, it will serve you for years delivering the powerful deep massage anytime you need one. You are going to appreciate its sturdy construction and simple buttons of this back hook massager.

Its trigger-point therapy technique is safe, dentist and chiropractor approved. Use it to work out several muscle groups or hard to reach areas such as buttocks, feet, and the lower or upper back. This device won’t cost you a fortune, comes with an instructional DVD and lifetime warranty.


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#4. Body Back Mini

This small self massage tool is a great portable accessory you can use anywhere you like. With a great, easy-to-use design and simple controls, Body Pack Mini is great when you need to sooth your muscles after a long day at work. It’s relatively cheap and multifunctional – use it to sooth chronic pains, relieve stiffness and spasms, or relax your muscles in 10 minutes or less. This massager is also doctor and chiropractor-approved, and suitable for both men and women.

– simple and lightweight

– made with cheap plastic
– only one pressure point massage
– if you have back has strong muscles, the pressure point massage might not work, since the plastic will bend


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#5. Body Back Buddy Massager Junior

This multifunctional massager is popular worldwide for its style, functionality, and portability. Easy to carry and use, it’s a good alternative to bulky massagers or professional massage sessions. For your money, you’ll get the effective three-point trigger system, seven premium therapy knobs made of high quality materials, a convenient 12-inch design, and an instruction booklet that will teach you how to use this device properly. Body Back company also offers a 100% money back guarantee for this accessory so you can try it without any worries.

#6. Q-Flex Acupressure Self Massage Tool

Made in the USA, this universal all-in-one tool is a worthy alternative to medications or expensive massage. Use it to massage any part of your body and get rid of this annoying back and muscle pain that constantly bother you. Lightweight, flexible and affordable, it has a unique angled and ergonomic design to access even hard to reach areas. Q-Flex Acupressure Tool is also made of recyclable plastic.


#7. The Original Backnobber II

Made for soothing and scratching the back, this back massage tool is perfect for those who suffer from frequent back pain or strain. It’s designed for a long term performance and can be easily transported, used, and stored. Thanks to a convenient design, you can access all troublesome areas that bother you in a matter of seconds. You don’t need additional oils or medications to use and will get a free 35-page guide that will help you to learn more about its amazing features.

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#8. Nayoya Back Hook Massager

Have a look at this a sturdy and deep knotted device that offers professional-grade results without using massage oils or additional medications if you suffer from back, neck, or shoulder pain. It can improve the blood circulation after a few days of usage and its lightweight, convenient design is perfect for anyone who don’t want a bulky and heavy massager. Athletes and CrossFit fans will appreciate its patented hook design perfect for reliving muscle tension or neck, shoulder, and back pain.


#9. LiBa Massage Therapy Tool

You won’t need expensive medications or frequent spa visits with this convenient and versatile tool. Get a soothing and relaxing lower back, neck, and shoulder massager in the comfort of your own home with LiBa Massage Therapy Tool. Thanks to a light convenient handle, you can access even the hard to reach areas. It’s made of eco-friendly quality plastic and can be used by people of any weight and height. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee and three-year warranty for this massage device.

#10. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager

Bigger than the majority of self-massagers, this device accesses and soothes even hard to reach areas you would not have treated otherwise. With 11 special therapy knobs, it’s one of the best accessories suitable for reducing common pain, relaxing muscles after the workout, and preventing muscle injury. You will get an instructional guide and the lifetime warranty at the time of the purchase.body-back-buddy-trigger-massager

#11. Thera Cane Massager

One of the cheapest options available, Thera Cane Massager is also one of the most effective trigger point massagers for this money. With an ergonomic cane shaped design, it’s an ideal accessory for those who want to improve their health. Athletes will like this device as well – thanks to the targeted pressure, this cane massager will sooth sore muscles and relax their entire body. With six treatment balls and 24 x 15 x 1-inch design, Thera Cane Massager will serve you for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Trigger Point Massager Tool Reviews – Best Acupressure Self Back Massage Tools

  1. This massage tool is great! for massaging my back and even pin point the exact hard-to-reach areas. I have using it for several months already. Anybody here has similar experiences?

  2. I Love it! this trigger massager feels great on my super tight back muscles after a long day of fighting the habit of being hunched over. I’m telling everybody about it and thanks for the comparison

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