10 Back pain Relieving Tips from a Lower Back Pain sufferer

Have aching backs and sore muscles? Time off from work due to back pain and other expenses roughly costs Americans $80 billion dollars yearly in healthcare expenses. There is evidence an increase within individuals who are suffering of back pain are not only older adults but young adolescences as well.

With increasing pressure and work load in our working lives, we are suffering from stress and pain. Young professionals are spending more time hunched over on their desks or who are not being mindful about their posture.

Backache is a very common problem. It can occur due to many reasons. Incorrect sitting posture is considered to be a major factor responsible for backache. In our work place we have to sit in one place for long hours. As a result, we suffer from pain in our back. We need to address this issue before severe problems arise.

The First Natural Back Pain Solution you would think about is Heath Therapy

tdplamp_topimg03For example by soothing the muscles and spinal disks with ChiSoft Microwavable Heating Pad will allow your body to relax allowing you to focus on your daily activities.

Or use Far Infared TDP lamp to loosen up the tight back muscles and enhances the healing processs of your body

Back pain sufferers should also practice preventive measures which can minimize the risk of injuries and allow the back to heal faster.

Certain factors such as smoking, obesity, stress can also increase the risks of developing back pain.

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What are the Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Apart from bad sitting posture, accident, and pregnancy, back injury is the other cause of backache. Whatever the causes are, we need to treat it. Many people in America suffer from this problem and often find it hard to do their daily work with ease. It can occur due to various reasons.

Health conditions such as arthritis, cancer and infection can act as crucial factors causing backache. It can also occur due to mechanical injuries such as ruptured discs, muscle tears, muscle pulls or sprained ligaments. We need to take this issue seriously and treat it to avoid any severe circumstance in the future.

Unfortunately, More than 60% of chronic back pain suffers don’t know the cause

cause back pain

By maintaining a lifestyle, which allows you to keep a positive insight on how to live “back healthy” is important if you want to prevent the pain. The cause of back pain is so complex to diagnose by doctors because each of us has a different body structure. More than 60% of chronic back pain suffers are not able to properly pinpoint the cause of the pain. Take into consideration that surgery should be the last resort to relive back pain.

I suggest talking with your doctor asking questions about specific tests which should confirm if you have a damaged spinal disk and if the pain is related to this possible damage. Even if the test does show a damaged disk you may be able to recover without any form of surgery. MRI scans are used to monitor the spine and have shown the disks often shirk on its own over a course of time.

Back Pain Doesn’t Mean Inactivity

If your back hurts you should take it easy but don’t cut out your daily living activities. A person who remains active will do better than those of us who lay in bed and rest all the time. Some of you may have demanding physical jobs that may not be able to immediately return to work.

Workers whose jobs involve lowering, carrying and lifting materials are at a higher risk level of experiencing lower back pain. Keep in consideration the heating pad can be used at anytime during the day to relieve the pain.

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back pain treatmentMost people who suffer from back pain get better regardless if they have received treatment from a medical professional. Most people who take a leave of absence from work often go back within a 6 week time frame.

I must point out if you suffer from back pain in the past you are at a higher risk of experiencing it again. Recurring back pain usually can go away on its own just like the first back attack did, but keep in mind there are alternative methods of treatment which can save you time and money.

10 Things You Can do to prevent back pain

Back pain is a constant reminder that there is something wrong with your back in the first place. Good posture can help prevent back pain. It’s time to take of your back now by following a few simple tips here. The long term solution is to fix the problem instead of hiding your symptoms.

Below are some tips and advice to prevent back pain:

  1. The central stabilizing force of your body is your back and the stomach muscles and it only make sense to strengthen and stabilize your muscles and not add more strain onto your back.
  2. By making adjustments and by sleeping on a firm mattress and also gradually increasing physical activates as you feel your back getting stronger will decrease your chances of experiencing this pain again in the future.
  3. Lifting and using the proper posture while picking up and moving items can reduce the strain on your back. Nothing can throw out your back faster than picking up heavy items by using a bad technique. Good posture is very important to maintain because slouching can cause a great deal of stress and strain on your back muscles.
  4. Book bags and heavy purses should not be carried by using just one shoulder for heavy load. This can cause more stress on one side of the body then the other promoting back pain.
  5. By distressing daily can reduce and control blood pressure levels. Also exercising, drinking plenty of water, stretching and relaxing can help to remove awful toxins from the body.
  6. Back pain is common in individuals who are overweight- by maintaining a healthy body weight you decrease the amount of stress on the lower back. Also proper footwear is essential for the proper support can go a long way in preventing back pain.
  7. Protecting your back first thing in the morning and make it a habit to avoid adding stress on your back. For example stand up straight when you’re brushing your teeth first thing in the morning even if you’re half asleep.
  8. Make sure to be sitting up straight while driving your car; sitting at your work desk or out for lunch. Case studies show people are at a higher risk of back strain when their seats are reclined.
  9. By warming up and cooling down before and after an exercise can acclimate the muscles to become more prepared for an intense workout. This will prevent the possibility of injury and the change of pain. When cooling down start by stretching, this will relieve the pressure in tight muscles.

You Combat Back Pain with Pain Management Programs

If you already have back pain before reading my 10 prevention tips. You might need consider buying devices to get some relief. There are many different pain relief products on the market that might be a bit overwhelming for you. Before selecting one, you need to check its authenticity and usability.

You can also check out reviews on pain relief products before purchasing them. Most people suffer from some type of pain. Joint pain and back pain are the most common types of pain. The popularity of natural pain relief programs and pain management programs is increasing.

Many people are participating in these types of programs to ease their pains.

Top 3 Back Pain Relief Products with No Drugs

It is not possible for all of us to bear the cost for chronic pain relief treatment. Many people want to find a better solution. Many products are now designed which do not involve any kind of medication. The best part is that these products are reasonably priced. Most of these products are designed by physical therapists, doctors and athletic trainers.

  1. Sprays and Gels

There are many ways to get relief from chronic pain, especially back pain. Some can provide relief within a short period of time. Sprays and gels are great for any kind of pain. You can use it for arthritis pain relief, back pain relief or joint pain relief.

  1. Portable Massagers

Massage Therapy is also considered an effective treatment in treating different types of pain (especially rheumatoid arthritis treatment). Using massager machines is more affordable than visiting a massage therapist. Try one of those portable massagers.

It’s only a one-time purchase, but you can use it forever. With the current advanced technology portable massagers are made with high quality and can stimulate different massage techniques. It’s just like having your own massage therapist at home. Portable massagers are less costly now than most would think.

neck shoulder massager

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3. Infrared Products – Heating Pad and TDP Mineral Lamp

Cold therapy and Heat Therapy are two of the oldest remedies for any kind of pain relief. Many doctors still prescribe these therapies to treat their patients. Ice cubes is an essential part of cold therapy used for treating patients.

On the other hand, electric heat pads are commonly used in heat therapy.

Nowadays, heating lamps and heating pads are used to ease the pain of the patients.

TDP Lamp

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Infrared products, including heating pads, are offered by reputable companies such as the Pain Relief Shop. These products are quite effective in treating pain. Infrared pads are lightweight and portable and can help in relieving pain within a short period of time. The best part is that a lot of these infrared products have no side effects.

The Vita Activate branded microwave heating pad can also help relieve the stiff back mucles. Some Heating pad are made with ceramic powder. Other heating pads that contains gel or are water based might explode when over-heated in the microwave or the heat only last for a short time.

Most Microwave heating pad is portable and the heat last for more than 90 minutes. No more messy wires with this portable heating pad. Just wrap the heating pad around your body and walk outside to enjoy the heat through your body.


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