Best Percussion Back Massager Machine Reviews and Benefits

Back Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain, Says Study

The results of a study reported in a July 2011 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, suggests that massage therapy may successfully decrease or ease severe back pain for six months or more. Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD, and colleagues from the Group Health Research Institute, Seattle, Washington wrote: “We found that patients receiving massage were twice as likely as those receiving usual care to report significant improvements in both their pain and function.”

You can get relief from your back pain within a month or two by having massage therapy. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles by increasing blood circulation and relieving tension.

Are Your Looking for the Best Hand Held Back Massager Machine?

A normal, gentle massage will not always give relief when you have severe lower back pain, although these can be quite enjoyable. The best results for lower back pain relief are likely to come from massage done together with other types of treatment, for example physical therapy and chiropractic. Additionally, back massages, done in conjunction with exercise and proper eating habits; almost guarantee slow but sure pain relief.

hand held back massager

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How To Get The Best Massage Therapy with Massager Machine?

Massage is a widely accepted form of treatment that helps millions of people with different painful muscle conditions, including

  • muscle tension
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inflammation
  • Pain and stiffness.

A massage therapist manipulates the distressed muscles using their hands or specific tools to enhance blood flow through the body. This in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps to get rid of any acids or other waste products that build up there, thus easing pain.

Back massage helps to promote relaxation, extend the muscles, and aid the healing of any injured areas. If you damage a muscle in your upper back, for instance, the therapist will focus on this area to help it heal properly. A successful back massage will leave you with improved mobility and reduced pain.

Major Benefits of an Electric Back Massager

Massage therapy offers numerous and significant health benefits. These include:

  • Improved blood flow
    This helps with the healing of muscle pain as a result of physical exercise and other activity.
  • Muscle relaxation for better range of motion
    This also helps insomnia sufferers to sleep better.
  • Improved endorphin levels
    This is the greatest benefit of massage therapy. The “feel-good” sensation you get from these body chemicals is incredibly valuable in dealing with persistent pain.

Take Necessary Precautions Before Taking Massage Therapy

It is vital that you take some precautions when doing massage therapy. If your muscles do not loosen up when your massage therapist applies force, it is likely that they are inflamed. In this case do not get back massage again; instead, check with your doctor for alternatives.

For best results, most muscle spasms need four treatments, typically stretched over a timeframe of six weeks. Try using another therapy if your symptoms do not improve after two massage sessions.

It is wise to see your doctor for a complete health check before beginning the massage therapy, especially if you suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Massage is an ancient form of healing. Since early times skilled masseurs have taken care of muscle aches and tension with aromatic oils and manipulation of the affected areas. Massage is still practiced extensively in China, India and the Middle East, and these countries are well known to have used massage as a healing therapy for centuries.

Relieving Back Pain with Top Rated Handheld Massager Machine

It’s an extremely popular type of relief for persistent illnesses like lower back pain, and joint and muscle stiffness. It also helps to ease nervous tension and depression. You can choose a massager machine to get a massage anytime and anywhere. A handheld massager is risk free: it has no side effects, and it makes things convenient by doing the masseur’s job for you. It is like your personal masseur, at your service.

hand held back massager

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You Can Change Massage Head To Enjoy Your Favorite Massage

Handheld massagers can work on any affected body part, because they have flexible heads. Modern massagers can fit into the contours of your body easily to do an excellent job. Turn on the heat for additional relief and get deep treatment for sore muscles. Set the vibrator in motion to stimulate your muscles and loosen or relax them. Handheld massagers come with a variety of accessories to satisfy different massage needs.

How to Select the Right Hand Held Massager for You?

Go online or visit retail stores to look for different types of massager machines. Look at their features carefully. Some handheld massagers come with sophisticated features including massage styles that you can program. Others are manually operated, made from plastic wood or rubber. They can deliver the same great benefits as the electronic massagers.

In order to fine-tune the intensity of the massage in proportion to your pain or tension, you can select a handheld massager that comes with several strength-levels. Look for a device that you can operate easily, and one that includes an automated massage program.

Handheld massagers with longer handles allow you to reach mid and lower back muscles. The heads on these massagers vary, with one of the most common forms being a solo vibrating head, which is sometimes studded to imitate a deep tissue massage.

Power Operated or Battery Operated massager?

Most powerful handheld massagers are corded and must be plugged in, but some are battery powered. Battery power one is handy, because you can use them almost anywhere. If you choose a corded one, make sure the cord is long enough to reach your bed or whatever spot you choose to do your massaging.

A recognized brand will serve you better, so do not compromise on quality. Compared to the cost of visiting a professional masseuse, a high-quality hand massager can be a great deal, because it will give you hundreds of massages over the course of several years.

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Check the Warranty, Ensure Your Safety

Before you buy any hand held massager make sure to check the warranty, because electrical devices can go bad. Never choose an item without warranty. Also, the product you choose should have been clinically tested to ensure safety. So always research your options before you buy. Follow the guidelines discussed in this article, and you will end up with a hand massager that you will enjoy for many years.


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