PEMF Mats with Far Infrared Crystal Healing Stones: How you can heal your body with heat!

Are Crystal Healing Mats just superstition or can it really work?

Ok, so I know it sounds pretty ‘hippie-dippy’… It’s a mat that heals you by shining infrared light rays through layers of crystals and deep into your body that turn to heat and have magical healing powers. Hard to believe, right? Well, with the information I’ve gathered here, (although admittedly I do have ‘hippie-dippy’ tendencies) – I’ve learned that these things are at least miracle-workers, and at most; life-savers.

Crystal Healing: Short History


This type of healing therapy stems from Eastern practices, in particular, the Chinese approach to life energy or ’chi’, as well as the Hindu/Buddhist notion of ‘chakras’. It is believed that by balancing and healing our energies and/or chakras, we can truly heal ourselves and our lives. That is where the healing powers of crystals come into play. In crystal healing, crystals are seen as channels for curative healing to pass through the body and encourage positive energy, while negative disease-ridden energy, flows out.

Far Infrared Therapy (FIR): How does it work?

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is the warm energy in your body that comes from sunlight. When this energy is on the decline, we tend to feel tired, unwell and even age faster. Far Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation that penetrates anywhere from 4-6 inches into the body through layers of tissue, bones and muscle, and most importantly – is not harmful to the body! The electromagnetic rays turn into heat in the body, and actually warm you from the inside, as opposed to topically.

These light rays are completely invisible to the human eye, and gently elevate the body’s temperature to 42C and up. At this temperature your bodies major systems/functions are activated and stimulated; encouraging healing, relaxation, detoxification, energy production, and even killing off disease. For example, cancer cells can’t survive in the body at a temperature higher than 42C. Actually, heat therapy dates back 5,000 years to the ancient Romans, Chinese, American Indians, and Egyptians.

“Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease.” – Hypocrites

Mats and their Benefits

The infrared light rays penetrate through the mat and it’s several (sometimes 15-17) layers of untreated crystals, making their way to your body and penetrating even further to warm you from the inside. There are numerous different brands/types of crystal healing mats available, but the most popular and widely known are ‘Biomats’.
They are FDA approved and can cost you a pretty penny, but these mats are impeccably well-made, and will last you a long time.

If these aren’t in your budget however, do not fret. There are many more affordable brands out there. Simply google “crystal healing mats”/“infrared healing mats”/“healing biomats” – and you’ll have many options at your fingertips.

Read the reviews and look for pros and cons to each one; also note whether they are FDA approved or not, and choose based on your own budget and comfort.

jade inftared heating pad utk

Soothing Muscle Pain Relief with Infrared and Jade

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Decide what size of mat would be best for you considering how you would like to use it. There are mini’s (for chair use), single (or massage table) size, and even ones made to fit double, queen and king sized beds. The ways to use these mats are endless; you can simple lay on them (while you’re reading, stretching, doing yoga etc.), you can sleep all night on them, sit on them all day in your office chair, or use them on your massage table – for a warm and super healing massage!

More information on BioMat

Men suffering from prostate cancer have even seen incredible results from sitting on these mats for several hours a day. They can help with healing scar tissue, improve bowel movements, and reduce overall pain. They are also ideal for anyone living in a cold climate. Instead of just heating the air around you in your house, heat yourself from the inside -and reap those health benefits at the same time. It’s a win-win!

The benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) are seemingly endless. Here are some:

-Boosts your metabolism
-Heals your skin
-Very low EMF (electromotive force)
-Relieves chronic pain/fatigue
-Improved weight control/burns calories
-Lowers cholesterol
-Removes toxins
-Overall healing
-Overall pain and stress reduction (by as much as 78%)
-Reduced stress and stiffness
-Stimulates lymph system to detoxify the body
-Revitalizes cellular metabolism
-Activates over 3,000 enzymes
-General feeling of calm, and relaxation

One of the most beneficial effects to note is the stimulation of the lymph system. Our lymph nodes act as our bodies detoxifiers, or ‘garbage cans’, for lack of a better word. All our toxins get stored there, but need a way to be ‘dumped’.

If your nodes aren’t getting enough activity, or aren’t being stimulated by enough exercise, those toxins stay in your body. FIR helps stimulate them so they can excrete those unwanted toxins. Not to mention that when your bodies’ internal temperature is raised by even 1 degree, your immune system automatically strengthens by 40-50%. Pretty cool huh?

PEMF Infrared heating mat

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Healing Crystals used in PEMF and Infrared Heat Mats: Amythest, Jade and Tourmaline

The most commonly used crystal in crystal healing biomats is Amethyst; but Jade and
Tourmaline has also been known to be used. Here are their benefits (according to crystal
healers), and why they are used.



It’s healing powers date back to ancient Egypt and Greeks, they believed it
protected a person from intoxicating effects. Healers say it is known for calming, purifying, and pacifying, with a special focus on the nervous system.

This stems from the fact that the amethyst is believed to have absorbed the power of the earth’s energy, and in doing so has acquired vital healing powers for many ailments.

It is believed to aid with emotional issues as well as healing/balancing your chakras, and managing your ‘crown chakra’.



Crystal healing practitioners love Jade as it is a ‘heart stone’ and benefits all heart chakra related ailments. It attracts and heightens love and nurturing powers, and is known for its aid with purity, serenity, self-reliance and in acquiring knowledge through tranquility.

It helps with emotional balance and stability, as well as fidelity and generosity. It’s also been known to boost the bodies’ filtration and elimination systems (lymph system), which is great for treating kidneys and adrenal glands.

Jade can be used for healing the lungs, the immune system, PTSD, and nervous system overwork. It helps excrete toxins, rebuild skeletal and cell systems and can even aid in healing stitches.



Tourmaline has been known by healers to increase flexibility, happiness, hope, objectivity, compassion and serenity. It’s a known fear reducer, and enhances tolerance and understanding; while boosting self-confidence.

Tourmaline is said to draw on your feelings of empathy, motivation, affluence and patience, and balances out our right and left side of the brain. It also stabilizes our male-female energies within the body, which helps rid the body of blockages and reduces stress. Healers also claim it aids in opening the ‘heart chakra’ to accept love. Black Tourmaline and Amethyst together help to restore cellular health.

Given all this information, it seems kind of crazy to not at least want to try it, right? As I sit here writing this article, I’m imagining what it would be like to have a warming mat, heating me up from the inside and ridding me of this piercing pain in my upper right shoulder – while also knowing it’s doing good for my body.

To be honest, I can’t find one negative thing, or one downside to Far Infrared Crystal Healing Mats – except a pang of slight skepticism as the research and benefit claims are so extensively positive. Too good to be true? I guess this just means I’m going to have to try it for myself!…

Happy Healing!


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