Best Foot Massager Machine Reviewed for Plantar Fasciitis – Air Compression and Shiatsu Models

Are you looking for durable, effective and affordable shiatsu foot massagers to get a soothing massage or to help relieve Plantar Fasciitis? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place since we have selected some of the best foot massagers to fit various preferences and all you have to do is pick the one that suits your needs most.

First of all you need to know that feet is the part of our body that is used more than rest of our body parts, and this could be the reason why stress always builds up in them. If you get a nice foot massager it can help relax your whole body, lessen pain, enhance blood circulation, help regain lost energy remove toxins and lighten up your mood. Latest foot massager machine can give the same benefits as foot reflexology.

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Why Visit a Foot Spa while you can get the best foot massage at home

Instead of always visiting a spa which is also expensive depending on how frequently you visit it, you should do yourself a favor and get one for yourself. Having one at your home has a lot of benefits such as; you can use it at your convenient time that is, at night or during the day. It will also save you some money that would have been used at the spa, and you will be at your home where you have no hurry, or no one is expecting to use it after you.

Here we have the best foot massagers and some useful tips to help you on your journey to smiley feet.

Complete Review of Foot Massagers

Recently I have received various emails and comments from readers asking which is the best and most suitable types of massager that will be helpful to their conditions. What have realized is, most people have only two objectives that are;

  1. To lessen sore, painful feet mostly because of fatigue or cases like Plantar Fasciitis
  2. To look for a relaxation sensation via a feet treatment/therapy

So I have tried to make guides that will touch on the two objectives separately but in more details.

1. Top Rated Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

air compression foot massager

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Consumer Positive Reviews

  • Great Plantar Fasciitis Compression – Stop the Pain and Heal Quickly
  • Deep penetrating massage with auto-program
  • Get ultimate foot massage at home pampering your tired, aching legs!
  • Enjoy in just 15 minutes a day and your legs will look and feel great
  • Heated Shiatsu Air Foot Massager from Vita Activate provides a full coverage experience on your feet, from heel to toe.
  • The deep kneading shiatsu nodes also lovingly treat your overworked arches and soles.
  • Variable air compression massage provides comfort to tired feet with the option for soothing heat.Hand Picked Related Blog Post: Planta Fasciitis Treatment with Foot Massager


2. Sunpentown Blood Circulation Infrared Foot Massager


This is one of the oldest foot massager in the market. Unlike the ChiSoft foot massager this one does not give you rolling massage and neither air compression. It only gives you tapping massage and infrared heat. So if you are looking for shiatsu or deep penetrating massage this machine might not be the right one for you.

Product Features

  • Made of an artificial material
  • Controlled by a remote
  • Has a fifteen minutes timer
  • Have eight Infrared therapy
  • Has twelve bubbly strengths
  • Has programmed and physical modes

Consumer Positive Reviews

The sunpentown infrared blood circulation massager improves blood flow from your feet to the rest of your legs. It helps lessens the pain to consumers with foot arthritis, gout and nerve damage in feet.

The product can also be used separately from the heat hence suits your preferences. This product contains elevated acupuncture points foot pads that press your acupuncture points thus increasing blood flow and unblocks your body’s metabolism.

The product features, that is, a great magnetism, significant rate variation and infrared action increases your body’s resistant to illnesses and strengthens your immune system. Using the infrared especially during winter is very calming, and the vibration rate relaxes the feet. Most consumers found the price of the sunpentown infrared blood flow massager to be good because of the product’s efficiency.

Consumer Negative Reviews

Customers discovered that the touch pads on the product are subtle and impossible to toe press. You have to program the product using your fingers since the remote control only switches it on and off. This product does not have any way of holding onto the ground to prevent the product from moving away from your feet caused the vibration.

In conclusion, the sunpentown infrared blood circulation massager is suitable for consumers with low blood flow on their feet, gout and nerve injury on feet, arthritis, and neuropathy.

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#3. Beurer Foot Massager with Built-in Heat Function, Shiatsu-like Features

The Beurer product offers a deep penetration to the muscles of your feet, and the heating mechanism gives a soothing effect on your feet.


Product Features

  • Eighteen revolving massage heads.
  • Two-speed intensities with varying massage intensity.
  • Heat function gives a relaxing warmth for tensed feet.
  • Made of breathable mesh material on the surface.
  • Adjustable height.

Consumer Positive Reviews

Consumers found the eighteen revolving massage beads to be ideal for deep penetration of the foot muscled providing a peaceful and comforting experience. Its small size and light weight make it easier to transport. This product has two-speed intensities that you can regulate to suit your liking. Also, the heating mechanism is optional, and you can either select cold or warm depending on what you want. Shipment of this product is free, and it takes only a day to be delivered.

Consumer Negative reviews

On the flip side, consumers find this machine to be a bit noisy, and the heating mechanism does get hot. The beurer foot massager is electric hence you cannot use it if there is no electricity. The balls going rolling under the foot pad are hard even when you are wearing socks so it may end up hurting the feet.

In conclusion, if you are seeking temporary foot pain relief and great massage effect, then this product will suit your needs.

#3. TheraBand Foot Roller


Product Features

  • Created to offer foot pain relief and plantar fasciitis treatment.
  • Contains ridges that enable self-myofascial release a process whereby tissues and muscles are relaxed helping to dismiss soreness and aching of the feet.
  • Has a hollow-core design which allows it to bend and conform to the curves and nuances of your foot to deliver relief without having to put your foot in awkward positions.
  • Made of ordinary rubber.

Consumer Positive Reviews

Customers find the product to be great since it offers relief for tired/sore feet, plantar fasciitis and heel pain. The foot roller is made up of natural rubber that bends to adapt to the form of any size foot without changing the position of your foot awkwardly. Consumers say that it is easy and quick to clean since it is slip resistant and does not scratch floors.

The Customers found that the product is just 5 inches which make it simpler to keep in the freezer to deliver cold therapy to your feet which decrease inflammation. Its petite size also makes it easy to carry in your handbag or gym bag to use it anywhere you are. The TheraBand Foot Roller is very cheap (costs less than $10), straightforward and efficient when it comes to relieving foot pain related to the excessive activity. It includes basic instructions on how to use the product for maximized relaxation.

Consumer Negative Reviews

However, users find this foot roller is not high enough arches (even the normal arches) to any appreciable degree. Also, when you try to dig into your plantar fascia, this roller compresses to the point where you are just standing on the floor. The roller does not remain cold for long. You must freeze it after 10 minutes of using the product if you want to use it for longer. The small size prevents rolling smoothly, so you must reposition the roller continuously.

In conclusion, TheraBand Foot Roller is suitable for treating sore feet, and plantar fasciitis since the roller helps release myofascial. You may need to purchase an extra roller compared to freezing one every 10 minutes if you want longer cold therapy since the product does not stay cold for long.

#4. Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio ZH-9902

This product machine is aimed to kindle joints so as to increase relaxation and release strain on the nerves in your feet.


Product Features

  • The ergonomically construct targets the delicate spots of feet soles.
  • Has four optional automatic modes, that give in-depth reflexology treatment to various parts of your body.
  • Has three convention methods which target your tiptoe, foot arch and foot sole with variable speed. You may also decide to use manual mode to aim for areas you are interested in, with adjustable rate and several massaging ways.
  • Pressure nodes found under your feet soles intensifies the bubbly reflexology stress points and Improves blood flow.
  • Has a remote control but you can also decide to operate it manually using the touch-panel control on it.
  • This product is made of Velour MicroSuede Fabric. The removable textile foot covers are effortless to clean.
  • This product has a power assumption of about 40 watts.

Consumer Positive Reviews

The product machine has different stages of speeds and strengths to use. There is a remote control that enables you to change these levels without bending down to press the buttons. Customers find that cleaning this product is easy since all you have to do is detach black parts of the cloth and clean it and later put them back (the cloth has zippers which make separating it and putting it back on the machine easier). Most consumers commented on the fast delivery and secure packaging of the product.

Consumer Negative Reviews

The product kneads very hard and squeezes so tight when you turn it on so it might not be suitable for elderly feet. The feet massager cannot be used with a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices; the worst part is that it does not indicate this warning in the product description. This is a disadvantage and a waste of time since if you have any implanted medical devices; you will be forced to return it as this warning is indicated in the instructions book. It also makes an annoying sound on one side.

#5. SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager


Product Features

  • Stylish and ergonomic make
  • the vibrating electroplate kindles acupoints
  • it increases blood flow, releases strain and minimizes stress

Consumer Positive Reviews

The product automatically goes off after fifteen minutes, so you can relax and worry less about overdoing it. Consumers find that it appears to squeeze to a particular pressure so that irrespective of your foot size, you feel similar pressure being applied on your feet.

Consumer Negative Reviews

This product is big and albeit heavy making it less portable so you must use it either only at home or work in your office where you don’t need to move it often. Most consumers preferred using the heat at low setting only since when you change to the high heat setting, the product becomes too hot. The SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager is a bit costly to consumers. The electrical cord is quite short, so you need to set the product close to an electric socket.

#6.ILiving MK-9199 Plus Multi-Function Foot Massager / Leg Knee Angle Massager with Heat Therapy 2016 Model, Grey

This product is the newest and remarkable comprehensive massager of the ILiving company in the USA. It is a quality massager which manages your legs, lower thighs, knees, and feet.

Product Features

  • It is made of soft leather material.
  • It was constructed and fixed in the United States of America.
  • Adjusting the machine from 0-90 degrees centered on your needs has a mild trolling pressure that enables you to relax the stiff muscles of your thighs.
  • The acupressure spots of your knees will be pressed from various angles. The infrared heating mechanism can open and kindle the frequencies. Using the infrared heat tool also enables you to ease joint pain successfully.
  • The MK-9199 Plus’ double action technique can efficiently massage the legs compared to other massagers. It increases blood flow, reduces fatigues by using mild air pressure pressing on all sides of your leg to aim acupressure points.
  • Using the roller together with slight kneading pressure stimulates the soles of your feet.
  • This product ETL verification.
  • The product has a power of 110v. It plugs into conventional sockets.

Consumer Positive Reviews

This comprehensive massager has been referred to have excellent and simple consumer services as the firm sends you beautifully made repair instructions to enable you to fix it when you encounter any trouble while using the product. The product operates technical rollers which follow a reflexology form of adhesion, kneading and massaging on the base of the foot. The product has air inflated bags that keep your feet stable to let the rollers underneath your feet to push much deeper for efficient results.

Consumer Negative Reviews

It is quite huge causing repositioning it tedious, so you need to put it in a more permanent position in the room. Most users complained that the product arrived with the wires jiggled off, air inflation gears were not working, etc. sending over repair instruction book shows that this massager experiences many problems since the company has ready beautifully made repair instructions on how to fix those problems.


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