Air Compression Leg Massager Reviews – Best Air Leg Boot

Are you on the sofa relaxing after a long day of work, whether at the office or house cleaning? Or, due to a medical condition, your legs often cramp up and swell, or they’re sore due to spending too much time on your feet?

So you need relief and want a massage, or some way to soothe your legs, but may not have a way to do that…

You could go to a spa and spend close to hundreds of dollars on leg massage treatments. Or you could consult a medical professional about your condition, and end up paying more than expected or covering what your insurance won’t.

Wouldn’t be helpful to have something at home, a more affordable, less invasive product to help you, wouldn’t it?

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The good news is that there are various reasons for using air compression leg massagers, including but not limited to knee problems, legs/feet swelling, tension, varicose veins / venous insufficiencies, diabetic leg pain, water retention, cramps, nerve compression, and sport injury/recovery.

 1. ChiSoft Air Compression Leg Massager – Top Rated

air leg massager


Consider purchasing Chisoft’s Air Compression Leg Wrap Massager. With a 4-chamber sequential compression set massager, digital control feature and up to 9 selection modes, its interface is user friendly and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. With adjustable cuffs (velcro adjusts to fit up to 20” calves & 25” thighs), the product provides proper fit & added comfort.

Benefits include:

  1. improvement of blood and lymphatic system circulation
  2. nourishing cells
  3. improving waste elimination
  4. reducing/preventing swelling
  5. releases nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
  6. supports and enhances the immune system
  7. helping to relieve leg cramps and pains
  8. releases endorphins and amino acids working as natural painkillers
  9. relaxes leg muscles
  10. soothing fatigue & soreness
  11. improves sleep patterns
  12. helps in eliminating early stages of cellulite
  13. enhances energy & vitality
  14.  Compared to air compression leg massagers by other brands, Chisoft’s may be ideal for you.

Verseo’s Intelligent Air Pressure Leg

Unless you’re into something more portable, which Verseo’s Intelligent Air Pressure Leg Massager is. The Verseo massager is cheaper than Chisoft’s at around $40, though it has its downsides: While it fits up to 20” calves, there’s only one wrap to work on one leg at a time; where the wrap is small enough to fit around one’s arm, it’s no longer than that, and has no additional wraps for thighs and feet. This device is also battery-operated, and tends to shut off after 5-8 minutes. While it’s not battery-operated like Verseo’s Leg Massager, Chisoft’s massager is not rechargeable; you have to plug the 9V adapter into the wall.

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 Nitring’s Circulation Leg Wraps

Another comparable device is Nitring’s Circulation Leg Wraps. The device promises benefits similar to Chisoft’s product: Its leg wraps deflate & inflate to improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and reduce swelling, while the corded remote allows users to select from three levels of intensity and seven programs to pinpoint different areas at varying intervals. Adjustable velcro closures ensure optimal fit for all sizes (24” calves, 30” thighs, & 12” feet).

According to users, however, the adjustable velcro and wraps don’t fit all sizes of calf and thigh. As for the product description, its comparison of the leg wraps to those used in hospitals and other medical settings is allegedly inaccurate, with complaints of leg compressions being harsher than that of devices used in medical settings. The device is reportedly complicated to use or get into, and at around $200, the Circulation Leg Wraps are pricier than Chisoft’s.

Power press’s Air Sequential Compression Leg Massager

Now, there are other options, such as Powerpress’s Air Sequential Compression Leg Massager, which has similar functionality and fit/comfort to Chisoft, as well as a 60-minute timer and user-friendly connector with safety & lock system. There’s also AIR RELAX’s Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager with all the above, multiple modes (15-minute shut-off cycle, point selection, etc), adjustable pressure, and the added assuredness of being an FDA-cleared medical device. Both are easy to use, and AIR RELAX’s device is lightweight and portable. Unless you’re willing to pay upwards of $400 for either of these devices, Chisoft is the fairest bet.

 Of the above comparisons, Chisoft’s Air Compression Leg Wrap Massager is a deal for those on a budget looking for something worth their every penny. At $89.99, it’s an affordable alternative to pricey medical/high-end brands, as well as costly spa massages.

While looking into buying any air compression leg massager for whatever reason, please consider any health concerns that may get in the way of using said product. For example, if you or the individual you’re buying the product for is pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from Diabetes, phlebitis, thrombosis, and/or any severe illness, or is at an increased risk of developing blood clots due to recent surgery, a consultation with medical professionals should be had before using such a device for home use. it is strictly advised that those with acute deep vein thrombosis NOT use such products.

 Along with this product, Chisoft offers a wide variety of others for various ailments, such as back and neck pain.

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