Suffering from Neck Pain? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

March 21, 2014

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Neck pain can be quite problematic, especially once it starts making it harder for you to go about your daily activities. Sadly, this type of issue is quite common in the population. As much as two thirds of people in the US suffer from some sort of neck pain.





What Causes Neck Pain? 

Problems with the neck can be caused by a variety of factors. Among these, there are:

  • Whiplash
  • Pinched nerve
  • Herniation of spinal discs
  • Arthritis
  •  Narrowing of the canal of the spinal cord
  • Infection

These problems can usually be solved either by self-help products, or by professionals, depending on the cause of the condition. Thankfully, the prognosis for neck pain is quite a good one, with only around 10% of cases becoming chronic. The rest either go away, or can easily be managed.

How Can Neck Pain be Treated?

Once again, when it comes to treatment of this type of pain, you have to keep in mind that the cause is the most important factor. You might have to take a different course of action depending on what created the pain in the first place. To find out what the source is, you should talk to your doctor.

Surgery is the least used method of treatment. However, it may be necessary in some cases, such as when the pain is caused by a tumor. However, if the source of the pain is a pinched nerve, or herniated discs, surgery is usually not recommended.

Medication can be used for neck pain, but it usually is aimed at concealing the pain, and not at solving the actual problem. In the short term, analgesics might work great, because they help you get on with your day, and cover up the pain. However, the fact that the true issue remains unsolved is important. Some people use muscle relaxants to improve the condition. These drugs are helpful for some people, but not for all. Another options people tend to go to are topic creams, which can be helpful in some cases.

For neck disorders caused by mechanical malfunctions, exercise has been found to be effective. In addition, manipulation and mobilization of the joints have also had great effects.

Managing and Treating Neck Pain on Your Own 

It should be mentioned that with any type of sudden or extreme pain, seeing a doctor should be done as soon as possible. When it comes to pain you already know the cause of, you might be able to either treat it, or manage it on your own.

Some people find it useful to apply either heat or cold on the neck. However, if you don’t find this to be helpful, there are other things you can do to help yourself.

Neck Traction devices:

These are great because they not only offer you pain relief, but they also treat the condition. These devices help you solve the problem of pinched nerve, while offering support for the head and neck. It also offers relief from compressed disc. If you’d like to find out more about these products, click here to be taken to the Body Face Shop website.

Electronic Massagers:

Massages are wonderful for treating pain, which is why being able to get one whenever you want it is wonderful. If you get a small massager, you can even carry it around with you, so that you have even more freedom in getting what you want. If you’d like to see an example of such a device, click here.

If you’re dealing with neck pain, keep in mind that you always have several options to treat it. If the cause allows for it, you might be able to get rid of the pain all by yourself, which is great news. However, remember to make sure that you check in with your doctor first, just to ensure that there aren’t any serious underlining causes to your condition.

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Neck Traction Device vs. Neck Massager for Neck Pain Relief?

September 27, 2010

Neck Massager Helps Relieve sore neck Muscle

A stiff, sore neck responds best to a professional or medical neck massage, reducing stress and headaches. You can consult a doctor or a massage therapist who provide neck massage sessions which are not very costly or time-taking.

However, a convenient option is to buy a neck massager which will save money and time. They are also easy to use and you can use it sitting or lying down, only by pressing the start button. Neck massagers come with vibrating and rotating massage heads which loosen the stiffness in the neck and ease neck pain in minutes.

Sometimes, neck massagers also use infrared heat emission to enhance the massage’s effectivity. A cervical traction unit is also extremely useful and so you can use cervical traction unit when you are suffering from neck pain.

What If You Have Neck Pain?

Then Chi Soft Neck Traction Device Can Help:

Cervical Traction

ChiSoft Cervical Traction – Pro II

The setup is a long process and complicated, also requiring the person to sit on a chair with their back to the door or the wall. This position is every precarious and dangerous as someone might suddenly enter the room or push the door, upsetting the setup and may even cause accidents. It also cannot separately use the weight of 50 pounds required for relief as is used in professional clinics, only managing weights of about 20 pounds or more.

On the other hand, Chisoft traction devices are very easy to use with an inflatable neck stretcher which is not messy and where you merely need to push the start button. It allows you separate the joints so that it can be used to relieve pain in irritated joints, compressed discs and neck pain without the problems of weights, painful chin straps and leaky water bags.

Who can use the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device?

People with stiffness and soreness in neck muscles; those of you who spend long hours in front of the computer; professionals and office workers with poor posture and suffering from muscle spasms in their neck and their shoulders; patients of Degenerative Arthritis.

Special Features of the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device:

It is user friendly and made of latex which makes it very comfortable, as compared to ordinary traction devices. The device supports your neck and head in the correct manner. As it is a portable neck stretcher, it reduces para vertebral muscle spasms by stretching the neck’s soft tissues and problems of neck muscle spasms and nerve root compressions. Though ChiSoft Neck Tradition is small and light, it is very powerful and provides many kinds of special tractions, due to an inbuilt dynamic structure. This is very helpful on a daily basis, to ease stress on the neck and neck pain.

How does the ChiSoft Neck Traction work?

The Neck Traction device has to be inflated with air pumped into it. This helps to gently stretch your neck. This leads to pressure in the neck in a vertical direction which in turn eases and stretches tight muscles, relieving joint pressure in the neck. The device has low and high pressure air chambers which will improve your comfort when you are undergoing the process of traction and immobilization. The pressure in the intra-vertebral disc is eased due to the elongating process of this neck traction device.

If you use this traction device for just a few minutes then it can give you great relief and regular use of the neck traction device will help prevent further neck problems as it increases blood supply to neck muscles.

So, do not wait till your neck pain aggravates to buy a ChiSoft Neck Traction Device and relieve neck pain.

Click Here To read More about neck traction therapy

Where Can You Get Quality Neck Massagers:

The Body Face Shop has different type of neck massager that you want, to be used on the waist, abdomen and legs as well. It has vibrating heads, rotating heads and even infrared emissions.

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Neck Traction Device Helps Reduce Neck Stress

September 20, 2010

Chapter 2:

Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

Cervical spine is made up of the first seven vertebrae in the spine, medically termed C1-C7. The nerve of the cervical spine, which is the upper part of the spinal cord, is the base of the nerves which travel from the arms to the hands.

Neck pain can affect every type of workers, including truck drivers and homemakers to executives. In fact recurrent neck pain can affect your work efficiency, affect your sleep and even make you irritable. However, if you follow the tips given below, then you can easily relieve your neck pain:

Relax your neck:

Whatever you do, be it sitting in front of you p.c. or in case you are watching television for a long session, then your neck faces additional stress and becomes stiff, making your neck ache after some time. So, you must take breaks from a certain position. Stand up and move about as it will be good for your neck or volunteer to do some other work in case you want to do some other chore around the house.

Stretch your neck

If you are suffering from stiffness and muscle tension, causing neck pain, then the best way to relieve it is by stretching. You have to tilt your head from left to right and count till 20 before doing it in the opposite direction. After this, place your hand on the top of your head and begin stretching your neck in the direction of your shoulders on each side. Do these stretching exercises with slow and smooth movements and gradually as you might cause a muscle sprain or a ligament tear if you do these exercises in case you do these exercises very swiftly.

Here are 5 gentle neck stress exercises

Maintain good posture:

Your muscles always work to keep your head upright. However, if you adopt bad posture, then your muscles have to work twice as hard. If you are standing or sitting, you must always make it a point that your shoulders are over your hips and your ears are over your shoulders and keep your neck and spine straight, in all cases. Do not slump or slouch when you are sitting or standing or even reading a book in your bed. All this will help you avoid neck pain.

Invest in a chair with a good back

Your chair must provide adequate comfort for your back and you neck as you spend the major part of the day in it. Choose a high-backed chair fitted with a cushion so that you back can remain in a neutral position and also keep your back up to shoulder level. As your neck and back are kept vertical in such a high-backed chair, you can lean your head back sometimes and relax. Such a chair helps lessen neck pain and soreness.

Apply Heat and Cold Compresses or Massages:

a good way to relieve neck stress and neck pain is by warming or chilling the painful area of your neck. However, applying heat is generally considered to be better than applying ice. Use a heating pad on your neck or an ice pack which will help relieve your pain, if you use the compress for about 20 minutes. This works as it helps increase blood circulation in your neck. However, do avoid excessive heat as it will inform inflammation.

Use a Speakerphone

mostly, people talk on the phone with the receiver of the phone held between your neck and your shoulder which causes strain to your neck. Using a hands-free device or a speakerphone while conversing for long hours will help keep your hands disengaged and even allow you to keep your posture correct, thus easing neck pain.

Sleep with your neck straight

we spend at least 6 to 8 hours of the night sleeping in one position and so we must try our best to maintain a neutral or straight position when we are sleeping. Throw out old or droopy pillows and get firm, supportive pillows which will help keep your head in the correct alignment with you back and your side, easing pressure on the neck and not causing neck stress or soreness when you wake up. For neck pain, usually a soft feather pillow will work well for you or try out a pillow before purchasing.

Compare 3 different neck traction equipment here.

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Neck Pain: A Common Problem

September 14, 2010

Chapter 1

Why almost everybody has neck problem?

Cervical Traction

ChiSoft Cervical Traction – Deluxe

Neck pain is something with which people of every age can identify, especially adults working long hours in front of the computer or housewives and middle-aged problem. Neck pain often happens when the cervical spine is pressurized for long hours by wrong posture or uncomfortable seating positions or just by cradling the phone for too long. However, neck pain is a serious problem and needs treatment, especially with cervical traction devices.

Causes of Neck Pain:

  • Bad Posture: Most cases of neck pain happen because of poor posture. We slump or crouch slightly or crane our necks when we are driving for long hours or working on our computer, reading or sleeping without a comfortable pillow or cushion too support our neck or even because we cradle our phone at an odd angle when we are talking and simultaneously doing some other job.
  • Arthritis: This is a serious medical problem relating to the cervical spine and can happen at any age but usually, arthritic people suffer from extreme neck pain, cramps and stiffness due to this condition.
  • Cervical Disc Degeneration: This is a medical condition called Spinal Stenosis and this happens in old age when the space in the spinal column becomes narrower and the exit for the nerves gets narrower too, causing the nerves to be pinched and causing neck pain and stiffness.
  • Whiplash injury: this happens when there is a sudden and unexpected extension of the neck, a condition that happens mostly after car accidents, when the head and neck are suddenly thrown backward and then forward by an impact, thus leading to neck injury. This condition is not immediately noticeable but in case you have neck pain, swelling around the neck, inflammation or stiffness in the neck, muscle spasms, tenderness around the neck area, headache or pain in the shoulder or the arm, then it could be a case of whiplash cervical injury and you must consult the doctor immediately as your neck muscles and ligaments might have been stretched or torn.
  • Vigorous and extreme workouts: Using very heavy gym equipment and training sessions may cause neck sprains.

Are you using a neck traction device? Here is the best way to carry out neck traction at home

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Infrared Heating Products for Neck and Back Pain Relief

September 26, 2009

Summer is over. Fall is period with lots of rain. Many arthritis sufferers will feel the pain in their joints, neck and back again.

Some may start using the pain killers, but they might get addicted to those drugs. Not to mention the side-effects that you are getting. Causing other pain or trouble in your body.

Natural Pain Relief Solution…

Isn’t there are drug free pain relief solution? A product that has no side-effects and still get a great relief?

I have been reviewing those neck pain relief products for a while. I almost forgot to mention that there are natural pain relief products. With NO side effects.

TDP Lamp or Mineral Lamp

Here are those infrared heated products:

TDP Lamp Mineral Lamp CQ12B

This small desktop heating lamp can be put at your desk. The lamp emits far infrared. As you know far infrared rays are different from those harmful ultraviolet rays coming out of the sun. Far infrared enhance the healing process of your body and helps relieve the muscle pain.

This TDP Lamp is small and easy to move to another place.

TDP lamp - desktop heating lamp

TDP lamp - desktop heating lamp

TDP Lamp – Mineral lamp CQ29

This TDP Lamp is bigger version of the CQ12B. It’s almost like floorlamp, but the lamp head can be adjusted, tilted up to 90 degrees, rotated 360 degrees. So you can lay down in your sofa and still enjoy the heat to get relief.

This floor lamp has wheels like those office chair, so it’s easy to move around your room. With a 60 minutes timer, this TDP lamp provides a focused deep heating in therapeutic treatments to relieve sore muscle and muscle pain. It also increases the blood circulation and metabolism

Mineral lamp - heating therapy  - far infrared

Mineral lamp - heating therapy - far infrared

TDP Lamp – Mineral lamp CQ36B

They also call this lamp the second generation lamp, because it’s an improved model of the popular CQ29. This TDP Lamp CQ-35B has a more accurate timer and longer time of usage than CQ12 B or CQ-29. This floor lamp looks almost the same as the analog TDP Lamp CQ29, but the control panel of CQ36B is digital

Unlike other Mineral Lamp models, CQ35B notifies you when to change the mineral plate. The mineral plate must be replaced after 1500 hours of usage, otherwise it’s therapeutic effect will be decreased. So, with this built-in notification, it tell you to change the mineral plate on time, so you can get the best therapeutic effect. You don’t want to lay down having the TDP lamp turned and not know you are not getting the relief you should get, right?

Besides, the TDP Lamp comes with upgraded timer design (90 minutes and not 60 minutes), Microcomputer Processor, Digital & Liquid Crystal Display, accumulative Memory Timing.

TDP Lamp with large mineral plate

TDP Lamp with large mineral plate

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Cervical Traction Device vs Heating Pad

September 25, 2009

I was reviewing some products for neck pain relief.

Two interesting products came across. The neck traction device and the infrared heating pad. To understand which neck pain relief product is the right one for you, you need to find out the cause of the neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be cause by several ways. Bad posture behind your computer, bending you head all day long reading books, or slept at the wrong side in your bed. There are too many ways to create neck pain.

Some are just a minor pain, and will disappear after you take a good rest. But chronic neck is the worst. This may be caused by whiplash,  sport injury, or bad posture in a long period.

Cervical Traction Device or Shoulder Heating Pad?

If you have compressed disc or pinched nerve, you might want to consider the cervical neck traction device. I’ve found this ChiSoft cervical traction device. It’s a device that you wrap around your neck and inflate with a air pump manually. While you inflate the cervical traction device, it will gently stretch you cervical spine. This helps relieve the compressed disc.

neck traction device

neck traction device

Shoulder Heating pad for Stiff Neck Muscle

When you have neck pain, caused by stiff neck muscle, you should consider using a Shoulder Heating pad. A shoulder pad can be put around your shoulder and neck. The heat of the pad will give you muscle relief.

I’ve found this Microwave Shoulder Heating Pad.  It emits infrared waves. The shoulder heating pad is designed with a “U” shaped cutout that fits like a collar around your neck to more effectively deliver soothing moist heat to your shoulders and neck. Very comfortable and the heat last for a long time.

microwavable heating pad

microwavable heating pad

Neck Traction for Chronic neck pain

When you chronic neck pain such as pinched nerve, compressed cervical disc or degenerative disc, a neck traction device or cervical traction device can help you get some relief.

It’s always recommend to visit your chiropractor first for this kind of chronic neck pain.

Neck traction magnet therapy explained


Swine Flu Reduces Chiropractor’s Visits

May 6, 2009

Such a pain in the neck!

I assume, everyone already know about this nasty virus, a new influenza strain. This flu, also called H1N1, is a combination of pig, avian and human fly. After SARS and bird flu, now this Swine Flu. If we don’t take measurements, it might become a global health problem.

It started in Mexico and now spreading away trough the whole world quickly. It”s transmitted from person to person now through sneezing and coughing. This flu is spreading so fast, that the World Health Organization almost put it in pandemic alert status. But don’t get paranoid now!

What you can do to prevent swine flu

Although not 100% proof, they do minimize the risk of getting swine flu. Here are some basic steps you can to do prevent getting swine flu:

1. Avoid going to crowded places

2. Avoid visiting hospitals or any other clinics

3. Limit your contact with sick people

4. Wash your hands frequently before and after touching your face for at least 30 seconds with soap and water.

5. Wear a mask

6. Keep a good immune system

7. Cough or sneeze into a tissue and flush it in the toilet immediately

8. Create a clean and healthy environment at home or office with essential oils.

Create a virus free environment with aromatherapy

It’s proven that essential oils can kill bacteria. Ask your aromatherapist for the right blend. You also need an aromatherapy diffuser to spread the therapeutic essential oils into the entire room.

I have seen the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser doing a good job. Unlike the oil burner, this aromatherapy diffuser is using ultrasonic waves to create mist of oil into the air. It’s very safe and automatically stops once it has reached the minimum water level.  No more burning oils and risk of flames.

Just plug it into the adapter and let it run for couple hours. You only need put a few drops of essential oils into the water basket.

Should You Avoid Visiting Your Chiropractor?

I guess, people are now trying to avoid visiting clinics, where so many different patients come in and out. Who knows what kind of virus they have in their body.

Reducing the visits of a Chiropractor is common sense. But what should you do, when you have instant neck pain?

neck traction from home use

neck traction from home use

Fortunately, I still have my inflatable neck traction device. This neck traction device  is portable and after deflating it, you can put it into your bag to carry it away.

Yes, I still need to visit my chiropractor once while, but at least I have instant relief.

cervical traction device

cervical traction device

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Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage After Sports

November 17, 2008

A few days ago, I went to see a professional massage therapist because I was interested in receiving a Shiatsu massage and a Deep Tissue Massage. I get occasional lower back pain from playing sports so I wanted to see if a Shiatsu massage or a deep tissue massage would help.

At my first session, I chose a Shiatsu massage which is more or less an acupressure massage which involves applying medium pressure to specific acupuncture points or trigger points on my body. This type of massage feels quite comfortable because you don’t feel any pain during the massage. The massage therapist informs me that like most massages, I will need to have regular sessions of Shiatsu massage in order to get the ultimate benefits. The day after receiving this massage, I did not notice any difference.

The next day, I went back for a deep tissue massage which is recommended for body pain from sports or if you have tight tense muscles in general. During this massage, I definitely felt pain on my shoulders, back, and legs. Since my lower back was a bit painful before the massage, this type of massage was actually loosening the tense muscles in my lower back and I could feel an increase in blood circulation in my back. A deep tissue massage really feels like a workout even though I’m lying flat on my stomach with the therapist doing all the work.

The next day, my body felt a bit painful in areas where I did not have pain initially but my lower back was actually feeling better. For me, it seems like a deep tissue massage really helps to reduce pain from playing sports.

Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu Massager

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How to relieve from Tennis Elbow and other Joint Pain

November 8, 2008

As an advanced level tennis player, I play tennis at least two or three times a week. During the summer months of June, July, and August, my body was in top physical shape with no body pain and most importantly, no elbow pain. Tennis elbow is something that I do experience when I play tennis for the first time after a long hiatus from tennis. For example, if I hit the courts after a two week break from tennis, I usually get tennis elbow the day after playing.

In the past I have talked to my doctor regarding my tennis elbow and he informed me of the cause and possible solution to eliminate it. For beginner tennis players, lack of strength in the arms and improper racquet grip is a likely cause of tennis elbow. Since I’m a intermediate level tennis player, lack of strength and improper grip are not factors causing my tennis elbow. For me, tennis elbow could be weather related which means I may have slight arthritis in the arms or it could just be simply lack of regular play.

Since for the past couple of months (September & October), I have not been playing tennis regularly, I noticed that when I do play, I do get tennis elbow pain the day after playing. Therefore I have determined that my tennis elbow results from a lack of playing tennis regularly. If I play two times a week, my tennis elbow becomes non existant.

Since I do get tennis elbow occasionally, I tried using the CQ-12 TDP desktop heating lamp on my right arm to relieve pain. For the first few days, I had doubts about the effectiveness of this TDP lamp because I did not feel any reduction of pain. I guess I was looking for instant results. So I used the lamp regularly for a few weeks, and I did experience some reduction in tennis elbow pain. Now, the reduction in pain could also have been a result of playing indoor tennis on a weekly basis but in the past I would still experience some elbow pain from playing regularly. I believe my reduction in tennis elbow pain resulted from a combination of playing tennis regularly and using the TDP desktop lamp regularly.

Mineral Lamp

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Car Seat Massager replaces shiatsu massager?

October 2, 2008

Since the invention of car seat massager, it’s popularity has increased tremendously, especially among the car lovers. Driving hours in the car is exhausting, but with the car seat massager it’s like having your own shiatsu massage anywhere and anytime. I feels great..

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